Milka offers you chocolate on the networks? Warning, this is a scam

On April 1st, Facebook and WhatsApp are swarming with messages inviting you to enter a contest to win Milka chocolate. Beware, this is a phishing operation aimed at recovering your personal information.

Image 1: Milka offers you chocolate on the networks?  Warning, this is a scam
Pirates hide behind the colors of Milka – Credit: Unsplash

There are laughable April Fools like our fake panorama of Netflix’s unsuspected nuggets. But others are vicious hoaxes that seek to abuse the credulity of Internet users. For the past few hours, social networks WhatsApp and Facebook have been invaded by publications or messages promoting a supposed Milka competition.

“Milka rewards everyone with a free chocolate hamper to celebrate 192 years of quality service”, can we read in particular. And to encourage people to click on a link to get your “prize”. By doing a quick search, we quickly see that Milka is not 192 years old, having been created in 1901. Another suspicious element: in the message below received by our editor-in-chief, we notice that the URL belongs to Russia Top Level Domain…

Image 2: Milka offers you chocolate on the networks?  Warning, this is a scam

Milka confirms the scam

We can never tell you enough but you should always be wary when you receive this type of tempting offer on social networks. All the more so when inconsistencies or suspicious links appear in it. Remember, for example, this phishing email presented under the banner of Netflix. He was trying to steal your banking information.

In the case of Milka, it is also a phishing operation aimed at getting their hands on your personal data. On his Facebook page, Milka hastened to warn Internet users. “We have been informed of the circulation of a fake Milka Egg Hunt quiz offering consumers the opportunity to win a basket of chocolates (500 prizes at stake)”confirms the company.

“This is a fake game aimed at collecting your personal information”she says, adding that the only real competition is on the brand’s official website. “No WhatsApp page has been created for our operation”. Note that the message will be sent to all your contacts if you participate in this contest. A way for hackers to spread their malicious operation.

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