Milla Jasmine reveals her new hair color (PHOTO)

Who says new season, says new haircut! Milla Jasmine, one of the stars of Marseillais vs The Rest of the World, reveals her surprising hair color to her community.

For several years, Milla Jasmine is one of the most talked about reality TV contestants. The emblematic candidate of Marseillais vs The Rest of the World has long been in the limelight because of his tumultuous love affair with Mujdat Saglam. Once again in a relationship, she now shares her life with Lorenzo, an unknown man in the world of television. The young woman lives again and is fulfilled! So much so that she even decided to splurge and change her hair color to be in harmony with the colors of autumn. Close to his Instagram community, she reveals a photo of the result to her subscribers.

Milla Jasmine reveals her new hair color

As soon as Milla Jasmine posts a photo of her on social networks, her followers are in joy. But this Thursday, October 14, she surprised more than one by revealing her hair change to her 3.1 million subscribers. This is not the first time that Ilan’s faithful friend has decided to change her mind. If she’s already tested several hair colors like blonde and gray, this time around, she chose to test dark red: I changed my hair color … Do you like it?, she wrote in the caption. A question to which many Internet users were in a hurry to answer.

Internet users are divided

Shortly after unveiling her new head, the young woman was able to discover Internet users’ opinions, to say the least,. Some seem to be under the spell: “Bella“, “Everything suits you, it’s incredible …“, “Gorgeous“, “Tropppp is beautiful“, “You are a bomb“, “WOWWW Top“, “Too beautiful“, we can read in the comments of the post. But others do not approve of this change of look and prefer it with its natural color:”I do not like too much ! Black suits you better“, “Too too beautiful but black is what suits you best“, “I prefer you as a brunette“, “In black is better“, “No, sorry“, “Still beautiful, but black is your best color“, they write.

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