Millionaire robbery in a house in La Plata: they hit a woman and escape with dollars and pesos

Two armed criminals staged a daring robbery in a house in Villa Elisa and escaped with loot valued at one and a half million pesos. According to police sources, episode was recorded on Monday afternoon, around 16, in a house of 419 between 18 and 19.

According to the spokespersons, everything happened when the 50-year-old housewife heard noises coming from the front door and approached to see who it was, being surprised by those involved. “They showed him a firearm and demanded that he hand over ‘money’ and ‘falopa'”they explained to this medium.

Not satisfied with this they also hit him in the stomach for which he later had to receive medical assistance. Thus, was that They managed to seize 5,000 dollars (almost one and a half million pesos at the value of the parallel dollar) and 25,000 pesos with which they finally fled..

Subsequently, police officers and a SAME ambulance went to the scene to help the victim. In addition to the blow received, the woman had a nervous breakdown due to the dramatic moment experienced. According to her, once she recovered, she was struck by the fact that her stepson was in the house prior to the assault but disappeared during it, returning minutes later.

For this reason, the researchers believe that it could have been a settling of accounts with the young man as the recipient. To this end, an investigation was opened that fell to UFI No. 9 of the Judicial Department of La Plata, labeled as “qualified robbery”. At the moment, no suspects identified or arrested.

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