Millionaires and an option to have Montero and Llinás in the Cup final

millionaires is doing everything in his power to be able to count on Alvaro Montero Y Andrew Llinasits two players summoned to the Colombia selectionin the first final of the Cup before him Junior, which will be disputed next Wednesday, September 28 in Barranquilla.

Given the almost certain impossibility of modifying the dates, due to the lack of unanimity in the decision between the Blues and their rivals, the club has considered some more radical options, as reported by Gabriel Chemas Escandón during The Snail Carousel.

One of those ideas would be to hire a private flight that transports Montero and Llinás directly from Santa Clara to Barranquilla, once they finish their participation with the National Team on September 27.

The itineraries of Colombian Football Federation, so the two players did not have minutes before Mexico in the second friendly of this month, it would make it impossible for them to arrive on time for the match, which is why, if the team wants to count on them, it would be forced to make a separate transport available to them.

There would be four casualties for the first final

In case of not being able to find a solution to have Álvaro Montero and Andrés Llinás, there will be four casualties that he will have millionaires for the first Cup final in Barranquillasince for that game the Costa Rican will not be available either John Paul Vargas, summoned to his selection, nor the volantand Juan Carlos Pereiraexpelled in the semifinal against Medellín and who will no longer have anyone to enable him for the game.

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