Millions in damage after a major fire in Rebstein

In addition to two commercial properties, the fire also destroyed an apartment and various vehicles.
© Canton Police St. Gallen

In Rebstein, just across the border in neighboring Switzerland, a major fire completely destroyed two commercial properties on Tuesday evening.

On Tuesday, June 21, 2021, shortly after 6 p.m., the St.Gallen cantonal emergency call center received a report of a fire in the industrial area on Industriestrasse in Rebstein. The fire developed into a major fire. Two buildings burned down completely. The property damage is in the millions. Witnesses are being sought.

Commercial properties destroyed

For reasons that are not yet known, a fire broke out in a building in which several industrial and commercial companies and an apartment are located. The building, including the apartment, burned down completely. The fire then spread to a second commercial property. This building also burned down completely. Various vehicles in the halls were engulfed in flames. According to current knowledge, no one was injured.

© Canton Police St. Gallen

Heavy duty for fire brigades

The extinguishing work was difficult for the deployed fire brigades. The otherwise hot weather and the major fire put the firefighters. Several firefighters had to be looked after by rescue workers. However, no one needed further medical care. In addition to several patrols from the St.Gallen canton police and a public prosecutor, several fire brigades from the Rhine Valley with over 100 members and around 20 vehicles were deployed. They were supported by the SBB fire and rescue train. Two ambulances, seven members of the rescue team, a first aid officer and an emergency doctor were also called out as a precaution. The Rebstein-Marbach – Heerbrugg railway line was interrupted.

© Canton Police St. Gallen

Cause of fire still unclear

The specialists from the forensic competence center of the St.Gallen cantonal police were commissioned to determine the cause of the fire. They have not yet been able to enter the burned objects. The fire brigade continued to guard the buildings during the night in order to be able to extinguish any embers that could reignite.

The St.Gallen cantonal police are looking for witnesses who made video and photo recordings of the fire. Of interest are only recordings that were made in the initial phase and in the immediate vicinity and frontal view of the fire object. This data can be uploaded via the upload portal be uploaded.

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