MIMP on the situation of Dalia Durán’s children: “They are not unprotected and there is no intention to separate them from their mother”

IN CONTROVERSY. After Magaly Medina issued a report where the neighbors of Dahlia Duran accused her of neglecting her children with John Kelvinsince they saw the little ones wandering alone on the street, with the same clothes for several days and even without going to school, the Ministry of women took action on the matter.

According to images broadcast by Amor y Fuego, the 6-year-old twins and the 5-year-old minor were picked up by the authorities of the MIMP and the Cuban singer had to go pick them up to take them back to her house in Comas.

Later, in a statement, the ministry reported details of the actions taken in the case. “The head of the MIMP reported that when the journalistic complaint of an alleged case of abandonment of the children of Dalia Durán became known, a multidisciplinary team from the Special Protection Unit (UPE) went to the home of said family to verify the situation of the children. minors”, they limited in a statement.

In the same document, they explained that they took the minors in the company of their mother to take them to the UPE and carry out the corresponding exams and thus verify that their rights are guaranteed, they indicated, assuring that they will work on an issue of strengthening the capabilities of the mother’s roles.

Likewise, they verified that there are affective ties between the minors and their mother, which is “healthy for the mental and emotional health” of the children. “There is no intention here to separate them, to break the family bond, because the ministry is absolutely committed to children living with their families and enjoying that right,” the minister said in the statement.

Through a report issued by the Special Protection Unit (UPE), the Cuban was informed of the points that she must comply with to maintain custody of the children:

  • Manage and monitor your development process
  • Provide care, protection and attention.
  • Assume your living expenses: food, education, health, recreation, housing, etc.
  • Give them good examples of life.
  • Your personal integrity is respected
  • Give more security to the brothers in question
  • To report to the police headquarters any personal situation of the brothers in question, related to their disappearance.

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