Minecraft: a speedrunner manages to complete the game in record time… blindfolded!

Game news Minecraft: a speedrunner manages to complete the game in record time… blindfolded!

Published on 10/14/2021 7:36 PM

Every day brings us its share of feats in the world of video games and, today, it is the speedrun enthusiast FrozenMelody who proves it to us in person by achieving an incredible performance on the game Minecraft, all blindfolded, without any audio help, and in record time!

You thought you had toured the possible exploits in Minecraft ? The one recently produced by speedrun-loving YouTuber, FrozenMelody, may well surprise you. The game community is very active when it comes to speedruns, but a good number of players don’t mind an additional dose of challenge.

Besides the crazy idea of ​​FrozenMelody to embark on a Minecraft speedrun with his eyes covered with a blindfold, his success in the face of this unthinkable challenge is even more so.. The latter has even made this practice a recurring exercise on his personal channel since he tries it, and succeeds, on a bunch of other games.

But back to Minecraft and to the prowess, both technical and cerebral, of FrozenMelody who needed to remember the whole of his career to transcribe it without any hesitation. The least we can say is that his route was perfectly smooth : Gather objects at first, then do some trade before setting off and reaching The End to do battle with the dragon Ender. An itinerary that the videographer describes as optimal, even if he has had to go through it more than once to see the end of it.

While it takes him about seventeen minutes to get to The End, it will take him a little less than double to get rid of the dragon Ender, making a final time of 33 minutes and 35 seconds to complete the game., all without any audio aid, let us remember. Modest, FrozenMelody believes that his record is easily dethroned insofar as he explains that he lost nearly six minutes at the end of the run.

You can find the whole speedrun made by FrozenMelody a few lines above.

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