Minecraft goes brutalist with this Control-themed creation

With the beauty of eleven years on their shoulders, Minecraft fans have seen all colors and more. We in the editorial team have also repeatedly brought to light some of the fan-made creations made within the sandbox title that most impressed us. What we will talk about today is once again a type of creation that will strike you, with this enthusiast who has brought some of Control’s brutalism into the Mojang game.

The author of this latest creation is known on Reddit with the nickname ‘Ominous_Hippopotamus’. This enthusiast recently posted a video of a hardcore base inspired by the brutalist building of Control called The Oldest House. If you have played the Remedy title you will surely know that the federal Bureau of Control it is a tremendously strange and at the same time fascinating place.

Wandering around parts of this rather labyrinthine structure will make you find yourself in front of a series of mysterious objects, unusual weapons and beings that are anything but human. Part of the iconic building we learned about in Control was perfectly recreated within Minecraft by this user, who was able to replicate the charm of one of the most interesting and original videogame settings of recent years.

New hardcore base, inspired by the game “Control” from Minecraft

As we can see from the video, in the first part we can see how the structure was built from the outside, but it is when we finally enter the Oldest House that the magic happens. The creation it really feels like a cross-over between the two worldswith the architecture taken directly and faithfully from Control and the cubed art design that remains that of the beloved Minecraft.

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