Minecraft, there are those who finished it blindfolded in record time

There are those who would say that such a thing is impossible to carry on. There are those who would not believe us and would like proofs, well this time we have them because the Youtuber in question is already accustomed to this type of content and has made other challenges of this type. Obviously within this news you will find the complete half-hour video in which FrozenMelody manages to finish Minecraft in record time. All not doing it like a normal speedrunner, but blindfolding himself with a night mask. If you pay attention you will also be able to see within the video that there is no kind of audio aid in the game during the whole enterprise.

It goes without saying that this is a real undertaking within the Minecraft community but not only. Over the past few months, Mojang’s attitude towards gambling has risen once again. A bit like the seasons also for the cubed survival title there are times when hype culture is king, either because it is played by content creators who bring in new people or following some interesting updates. The fact is that Mojang is certainly happy with the matter and so is the content creator who has succeeded to complete a speedrun even blindfolded. Having said that, we just have to leave you to the video to enjoy this adventure!

Minecraft represents one of those timeless titles that for almost a decade has accompanied millions of players and that also thanks to its nature as a sandbox game always manages to renew itself over time especially also thanks to the inventiveness of the Mojang team that with each update always manages to insert juicy news within the title.

That said, if you are a lover of the brand too, you can try it, but be careful though, we certainly do not guarantee success at the first try!

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