Mineral water at Stiftung Warentest: Discount water from Aldi, Lidl and Co. received top marks

  • Mineral water in the test: Stiftung Warentest compares 32 products
  • Either discounters– and own brands-Water as well branded products were examined
  • Mineral water from Aldi, rewe, penny, Lidl and Norma did very well
  • In some Water became trace substances discovered

Half of our body is made up of water. It is therefore important for us to drink enough, not only with the current high temperatures. On average, an adult should drink around 2.5 liters of fluid per day.

This is the most important liquid supplier for the Germans next to coffee Mineral water. How good it is ordered to that, has now once more Stiftung Warentest determined. she examined 32 mineral water products of the “Classic” variety supermarkets and discounters. The comparison shows: The cheap waters are in no way inferior to the more expensive competition. Several discounter products were rated “very good”. However, the testers also found impurities in some of the water examined.

Mineral water test: Many “very good” products from just 17 cents

For the current issue (7/2022), Stiftung Warentest compared 32 types of mineral water. All belonged to the category “Classic” and were after the points sensors, critical ingredients, microbiological quality, aboveground contaminants, Packaging and declaration rated. The individual assessments were combined into an overall assessment.

The mineral waters examined include both cheap discounter and private label products such as Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord Quellbrunn Classic, Rewe Yes Classic, Lidl Saskia Classic and Edeka Good & Cheap Classic. But there were also more expensive brands – for example Ensinger Gourmet Source Classic, Labertal healing and mineral springs Bio Classic and S. Pellegrino.

The good news: Eight of the examined mineral waters achieved the rating “very good“, 17 more with the quality rating “Good”. Among the waters with the quality rating “Very good” are also several from the discounter, which are already available for 17 cents per liter. These products have convinced:

  • Lidl Saskia Classic
  • Penny Classic
  • Rewe Yes Classic
  • Aldi Nord Quellbrunn Classic
  • Aldi Süd Quellbrunn Classic
  • Norma Surf Classic

Pesticide residues, sweeteners: trace substances discovered in mineral water

Of the Bottled water comparison but has also brought disturbing things to light: the Stiftung Warentest found more in the tested products impurities firm than in previous tests. “9 of the 32 waters contain trace substances,” says the report. Overall, the waters were on 125 foreign matter investigated.

Some were discovered pesticide residues, sweeteners from thirst quenchers and phosphonates of detergents. Although the amount in none of the products examined exceeded a value that was harmful to health, the purity of the mineral waters is nevertheless called into question. The legal limits for critical substances such as nitrate, arsenic or uranium was complied with by all products.

the Test results and the associated report from Stiftung Warentest you can read online or in issue 7/2022.

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