Mineral water recall: Manufacturer advises against drinking

the Bad Dürrheimer Mineralbrunnen GmbH + Co. KG proactively calls the article Bad Dürrheim organic mineral water natural in the 0.5 liter PET bottle back, according to a report from the manufacturer.

This affects the batch with the initial designation L201 and the best before date 07/20/23. The mineral water is mainly sold in supermarkets in Baden-Württemberg.

Faulty packaging: bottled water recalled

According to the manufacturer, opening the affected bottles can “unpleasant, mineral water atypical, foreign smell” be noticed. This indicates faulty packaging. Bad Dürrheimer advises consumers as a precaution from consumption of the goods concerned.

“The mineral water quality from Bad Dürrheimer Naturell is impeccable compared to all other packaging,” assures the manufacturer. Bad Dürrheimer asks consumers to return the affected goods directly to the supermarket.

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