Mingo Salcedo brings out the titles with Colo Colo in an epic trolling

Without a doubt that one of the fan’s memories of Colo Colo on Jose Domingo Salcedo It is that play that went viral in all sectors when he blocked a ball with his head. A move that few have the guts to make and where the Paraguayan left more than life on the court for the alba jersey.

It is due to this situation that one of the fans, in his opinion, was not one of the good Paraguayan players who passed through the club, where he only highlighted Justo Villar in due course with the Cacique.

The former footballer found this message and did not hesitate to go out and defend himself against the comment of this fan, shining the two titles he won with the popular team in Chilean football.

“Locking with the head and giving the rival to win 2 championships, which surely you celebrated with a pompadour and a cigar …”, were the words delivered by the former Paraguayan defender of Colo Colo.

José Domingo Salcedo won two titles during his stay for the Cacique, crowning both times in the National Championship with the Closing Tournament 2008 and 2009, respectively.

Response from José Domingo Salcedo on Twitter.

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