Minister of Defense: Nordic defense capabilities stronger with NATO membership

– If you look at it purely crassly, it will be the effect that we utilize each other’s strengths and advantages and complement each other fully, and also carry out operational planning – then the effect will be that we become stronger together, says Hultqvist.

A Swedish and a Finnish NATO membership and a joint Nordic defense planning, as well as monitoring of the Baltic Sea, would reduce the risk that something would happen around the Baltics and not least the strategically important island of Gotland, says Hultqvist.

– It is a central point in the Baltic Sea that must not fall into the hands of anyone else, says the Minister of Defense about Gotland.

Final message on 15 May

The Social Democrats will give their final message on the NATO issue on 15 May. Hultqvist has long been against Swedish membership in the alliance, but with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he, like the party, has re-evaluated his view.

– There is one before 24 February (the date when Russia invaded Ukraine, editor’s note), and one after.

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What protection do you get? What are your obligations? And who really decides? – This means being a member of NATO. Photo: TT

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