Minister of Health defends that the headquarters of the executive direction of the SNS be outside Lisbon

Mario Cruz / Lusa

The Socialist Party (PS) candidate for Porto City Council, Manuel Pizarro

Manuel Pizarro considers that several Portuguese cities are capable of hosting the headquarters of the new executive direction of the National Health Service and recalls the decentralization process that the Government has put in place.

Now that only the official announcement is awaited that Fernando Araújo, current chairman of the board of directors of Centro Hospitalar de São João, will be the first executive director of the National Health Service, a position provided for in the statute that was recently approved, the Minister of Health already hinted that the headquarters of the new management may not be in the capital.

Manuel Pizarro recalls that the Government “launched a process of decentralization” and that “there is always” the possibility of hosting the executive direction of the SNS outside Lisbon. “I think that, in this context, placing the headquarters of national public bodies outside the city of Lisbon also makes sense”, he says.

“No Portuguese city is unable to receive the headquarters of the SNS board. We will see what decision we can take on this matter, namely what are the concrete buildings that are available,” he said, quoted by JN.

The Minister’s statements were on the sidelines of the inauguration of the “Full Body Citizen” exhibition, at the University of Porto, which honors the doctor and humanist Nuno Grande, who founded the Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICBAS).

Porto, the city where Fernando Araújo is from and where he works at São João, seems to be the most obvious choice, but Pizarro does not go into further details.

Regarding the official announcement of the composition of the new executive direction of the SNS, the Minister of Health says that he hopes to make the communication this week. Regarding the current scenario of the SNS, Manuel Pizarro says that there is no “no magic wand” that solves the problems, many of which are structural and it takes time and “good management of resources” to solve them.

“This is one of the virtues of the new executive direction, it is to be able to articulate more effectively the different networks of the National Health Service”, he guarantees, adding that the direction will also have an important role in the “reflection” on the possibility of greater concentration of emergencies and birthing blocks.

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