Minister of Science and Technology says the government will restore resources after cutting R$600 million

The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) Marcos Pontes stated that he will seek the help of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) to recover the resources taken from the portfolio by the Ministry of Economy.

Pontes’ statement was made during a public hearing in the Chamber of Deputies, held this Wednesday (13th). At the time, the minister also stated that he was taken by surprise with the cut of more than 90% of the MCTI budget.

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Marcos Pontes also reported that even Bolsonaro would have been surprised by the announcement of the transfer. The measure to transfer the amount to other ministries was approved by the Federal Senate and came from a request by the Ministry of Economy, by Paulo Guedes.

The R$ 600 million that would be earmarked for Marcos Pontes’ portfolio were distributed as follows:

  • R$252 million went to the Ministry of Regional Development;
  • BRL 120 million to the Ministry of Farming;
  • R$50 million for the Ministry of Education;
  • BRL 50 million for the Ministry of health;
  • R$28 million for the Ministry of Citizenship.

After learning about the large budget cut, Marcos Pontes went public to criticize Guedes’ request, which was granted by the Senate. In his Twitter profile, the minister called the measure “inconsiderate” and was criticized by pocket narists.

Attempt to replenish the budget

Pontes also said that he began working immediately to try to reverse the situation. After conversations with the minister of the Secretary of Government, Flávia Arruda, the minister said that the administration promised that the amount of BRL 600 million will be reinstated.

Also according to Pontes, an official letter was sent to the Ministry of Economy, Civil House and to the Secretary of Government for the recomposition of the resources withdrawn from the MCTI.

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“It is not much. If we take into account the R$600 or so million, in the general context, it is not a high resource, but it is an essential resource, and it deals with strategic things”, said the minister.

O budget cut directly affected the scholarship budget of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). However, current scholarship holders “were not affected”, according to Pontes.

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