Ministerial question: Ministerial distribution of the traffic lights: All items at a glance

The coalition agreement is in place, but the ministerial question has not yet been fully resolved. What is already known about the possible posts.

  • Who gets which ministry in the new traffic light government?
  • Which posts are being created?
  • Here you will find an overview of all possible new ministers

Two months after the general election, the SPD, Greens and FDP have concluded their coalition negotiations and thus laid the foundation for the first Traffic light federal government placed.

“The traffic light is up,” said SPD Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz on Wednesday in Berlin. What is already known about the new cabinet:

Traffic light items in the overview: SPD provides new health minister

The SPD became the strongest force in the federal election. This is also reflected in the planned traffic light cabinet. Under an SPD Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, the party received an agreement with the Greens and the FDP six ministries as well as the post of head of the Chancellery and thus most of the posts among the traffic light partners.

Accordingly, the SPD receives the departments in a traffic light

  • Work and social,
  • Bless you,
  • Interior,
  • Defense,
  • Economic cooperation and development as well as the
  • Head of the Chancellery with a minister for special tasks.
  • In addition, there should be a new, SPD-led Ministry of Construction and Housing give.

Most recently, the area of ​​construction was the responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior.

When it comes to personnel, the SPD does not want to work as planned until the beginning of December Special party conference set on December 4th. The coalition agreement is to be decided there. Scholz had announced that half of his cabinet would be occupied by women and men.

Some personal details have apparently already been determined. Hubertus Heil is likely to continue his previous office as Federal Minister of Labor in a traffic light government. as Minister of the Interior Christine Lambrecht is considered to be set. She has been the Federal Minister of Justice so far.

The head of the Chancellery will probably be the long-time Scholz confidante Wolfgang Schmidt, most recently State Secretary in Federal Ministry of Finance.

The occupation of the Ministry of Health will. Someone with great expertise here would be Karl Lauterbach. However, there is also speculation that someone else will be involved, for example Saxony’s Minister of Health Petra Köpping.

Green ministries: Habeck gets super ministry

The Greens will lead five ministries. As expected, the party leaders Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck should both be part of the new cabinet – Annalena Baerbock as Foreign Minister, Robert Habeck as Vice Chancellor and head of the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection. Habeck had actually hoped for the post of finance minister, but the negotiators had to leave that to Christian Lindner and his FDP.

But also with the economic and climate department, which controls energy and industrial policy, Habeck sits at a crucial interface for the central project of the Greens: Germany by 2045 climate neutral do.

With the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Ministry of the Environment, the party has also secured two other departments that are important for this. The downside: The Ministry of Transport – where there will be big climate policy boards to be drilled in in the coming years – is the responsibility of the FDP. Actually was a Green politician Anton Hofreiter as a possible transport minister, now he could instead be the successor of Julia Klöckner in the agriculture department.

as Environment Minister Steffi Lemke would be an option. The final list of green ministers is not due to be published until Thursday, when the party begins its online strike vote on the contract.

And that too Family Ministry will be in green hands in the future – the green social politician Katrin Göring-Eckardt is the candidate for leadership. In the exploratory talks she had already put pressure on for a basic child benefit.

An overview of the traffic light ministers of the FDP: Lindner becomes finance minister

The FDP will have four ministries in the new government:

  • Finances,
  • Justice,
  • Education and a newly created Ministry of
  • Transport and digital.

The Free Democrats can use it to do theirs Core issues from the election campaign – the liberal tax policy, the digital modernization of the country, the enforcement of civil rights and more federal involvement in education policy. Unlike the SPD and the Greens, the Liberals decided on the names on Wednesday.

Party leader Christian Lindner becomes Finance minister, It is his dream job and also the second most powerful office in the new government. Lindner has thus prevailed against the Greens, who had also speculated for a long time on the post of head of the household.

Marco Buschmann future Minister of Justice

Secretary General Volker Wissing becomes the new Minister for Transport and digital. As chief negotiator of the coalition agreement, Wissing not only enjoys Lindner’s unreserved trust – the lawyer from Rhineland-Palatinate already has government experience as a state minister and is considered a political bridge builder.

It has long been clear that Marco Buschmann, Lindner’s long-time companion and close confidante, would get a top position. Now it will be the favorite department of the Gelsenkirchener: the lawyer, so far the first parliamentary manager of the FDP parliamentary group, should Justice Minister will.

That Education department on the other hand, goes to a woman: The Hessian FDP state chief Bettina Stark-Watzinger has not yet been noticed as a proven education expert – but that was also not the case with her predecessor.

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