Minokin makes us fall in love with her cosplay of Yor Blair from Spy x Family

This is the right place and time, for your time to relax has come, that time when we meet once again, and anime meets cosplay, resulting in some of the most incredible versions of our favorite characters in situations and with unusual looks when they manage to get each of them off the screen.

And it is that imagination plays a very important role here, as well as creativity and their makeup and acting skills, because only then can the costume artists manage to take over your fantasies and bring to life some of our favorite characters from anywhere. genre and in great detail.

This time we bring you a great new version of one of the characters in the popular anime Spy X Familyand introduces us to the beautiful and powerful Princess Thornthe beautiful Yor Blair, better known as Yor Forger after i contracted “marriage” with Lloyd Forger in the first episodes of the anime.

She is Evie Lee Mikominalthough by some she is better known as Minokin, a beautiful model who performs varied, revealing and charming cosplay versions of various anime characters, you can find her on her official Instagram as @evieleeminokin, where the girl has almost 12 thousand followers, and a gallery that you will find charming.

Yor Briar, the powerful protagonist of the anime Spy x Family, an assassin who steals all the attention, due to her great beauty and attack ability, not to mention the large number of funny moments that she offers us throughout the manga series and anime, where she can’t hide her skill and has to manage not to be discovered by the rest of the family.

We hope that this cosplay has been to your liking, we are waiting for you on social networks, and please continue on eGames News.

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