MINUTE BY MINUTE: America vs. Puebla (Quarterfinals – Second Leg)

minute by minute

  • America

  • Puebla

overall marker

  • 48′

    Near America!! Roger Martínez’s center that Henry Martín fails to finish off and Puebla is saved

  • 46′

    Change of Puebla: Federico Mancuello leaves and Daniel Aguilar enters

  • Start the complementary part!!

  • América and Puebla hurt each other at the end of the first half and everything is still tied


  • The first half is over

  • 45+2′

    Goooooooooooooooooal from Puebla!!! Segovia’s header that Aquino rejects on the line, but Israel Reyes appears to finish off the Chilean and tie everything again

  • Four. Five’

    Two more minutes added

  • 42′

    Goooooooooooooooooal America!!! Fidalgo’s center to the second post for the appearance of Henry Martín who finishes off with a header and opens the scoring

  • 40′

    Puebla begins to leave his field and tries to exploit the left side

  • 37′

    Near America!! Shot by Roger Martínez that Diego De Buen deflects with his leg to send the ball to a corner kick

  • 3. 4′

    Yellow card for Juan Pablo Segovia for cutting off an advance by Henry Martín

  • 33′

    Yellow card for Alejandro Zendejas for an ‘iron’ at the wrong time on Federico Mancuello

  • 30′

    Yellow card for Maximiliano Araújo for a strong tackle on Pedro Aquino

  • 28′

    Goal disallowed for America!! Bruno Valdez had finished off with a header and sent the ball to the back of the goal, but he was out of place

  • 25′

    America dominates the match but fails to hurt Puebla


  • 23′

    Center of Maximilano Araújo that picks up in a good way Guillermo Ochoa

  • twenty-one’

    Shot by Roger Martínez that hits in Segovia, but América plays again very close to the rival area

  • 19

    Bruno Valdez manages to negotiate a free kick very close to the visiting area, but the center was rejected by the Puebla defenders

  • 16′

    A very deviated header from the Chilean Diego Valdés that does not generate danger in the Puebla goal

  • 13′

    América maintains control, but has not managed to disturb Antony Silva again

  • 10′

    Puebla’s first warning, Araújo’s center and Aristeguieta’s header that goes wide of the arc of America

  • 7′

    Puebla does not appear in the Azteca, the Eagles take possession of the ball and dominate the match

  • 4′

    Save Antony Silva!! Collection of a free kick by Diego Valdés that forces the La Franja goalkeeper to react to send the ball to a corner kick

  • two’

    America starts pressing and playing very close to the Puebla area

  • Start the match!!

  • The teams go out to the pitch of the Azteca Stadium

  • Puebla line-up: Silva; Ferrareis, Segovia, Reyes, Gularte, Araujo; Parra, De Buen, Salas, Mancuello and Aristeguieta

  • America lineup: Ochoa; Sanchez, Valdez, Caceres, Fuentes; Fidalgo, Aquino, Zendejas, Valdes; Martin and Martinez

  • The Águilas del América and La Franja de Puebla will seek to become the first semifinalist of the Grita México Clausura 2022 tournament, they face each other at the Azteca Stadium

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