MINUTE BY MINUTE: Argentina vs Saudi Arabia (Group C, World Cup)

minute by minute

  • Argentina

  • Saudi Arabia

  • 90+4′

    Saudi Arabia defends itself with everything. Alowis came out to clear the ball and hit his teammate with a tremendous impact

  • 90+1′

    Alowais is reprimanded for harshly complaining to the referee after a foul he received in the area

  • 90′

    Diagonal de Acuña, but the defense sent a corner kick

  • 88′

    Nawaf Al Abid is reprimanded before leaving the substitution

  • 83′

    Messi’s header goes into the goalkeeper’s hands

  • 79′

    Messi’s shot that goes over the arc

  • 78′

    Free kick in favor of Argentina on the edge of the area; Aldawsari is reprimanded

  • 78′

    Saleh Alshehri leaves the field of play

  • 77′

    This was the great goal from Saudi Arabia for the 1-2


  • 75′

    Argentina presses from the sides; the Arabs do not get into trouble and send the services to the area abroad

  • 71′

    Shot by Di María that saves the goalkeeper

  • 68′

    Saudi Arabia looks strong, fast, is reading the attack of the Argentines well and arrives strongly at the plays

  • 67′

    Abdulelah Almalki is reprimanded

  • 65′

    Boos are heard for Argentina when they have the ball

  • 62′

    Great save by the goalkeeper to avoid Argentina’s draw!!! Nicolás Tagliafico deflected the ball and the goalkeeper was attentive

  • 59′

    Triple change for Argentina: Leandro Paredes, Alejandro Gomez and Cristian Romero leave; enter Enzo Fernández, Julián Álvarez and Lisandro Martínez

  • 56′

    Excellent sweep to take the ball away from Messi

  • 52′

    Goooooolazooo from Saudi Arabia!!!!! Salem Aldawsari sent his right-footed shot deep to make it 1-2

  • 51′

    Saudi Arabia fans celebrate the 1-1 draw


  • 47′

    Saleh Alshehri took off Cristian Romero’s mark and sent his cross shot to the bottom

  • Start the second half!

  • At halftime, Argentina beat Saudi Arabia 1-0. The Albiceleste have had three goals disallowed


  • 45+6′

    The first half ends

  • 45+3′

    Alfaraj leaves to applause; Enter Nawaf Al Abid

  • 45+2′

    Captain Salman Alfaraj goes to the ground; he can no longer follow the match

  • Four. Five’

    Di María’s shot that Alowais stops

  • 42′

    Rodrigo de Paul’s forehand goes over the goal

  • 41′

    Abdukekah Almaki commits a foul on Alejandro Gomez from the left sector. He angrily complains to the referee

  • 39′

    The selection of Saudi Arabia tries to tie the score


  • 3. 4′

    Third goal annulled to Argentina for offside!!! Lautaro Martínez is ahead

  • 32′

    Saudi Arabia has more of the ball; Argentina presses in each sector

  • 27′

    Goal annulled by Argentinaaaaa for offside!!!!! New filtered pass and Lautaro Martínez “pricks” the ball before the goalkeeper leaves

  • twenty-one’

    Messi’s goal disallowed for offside!!! Filtered service, Messi stepped on the accelerator and before the goalkeeper left he sent his shot

  • twenty’

    Alejandro Gomez’s right leg shot that goes over the goal

  • 18′

    A battle-hardened Saudi Arabia seeks to have the ball

  • 14′

    This is how Messi took the penalty


  • 9′

    Goooooooal for Messiiiii!!!!! The PSG player collected calmly, sent the ball close to the post

  • 7′

    In a previous corner kick, there is an Albiceleste player who goes to the grass

  • 7′

    The match stops; there is a play reviewed by the VAR

  • 6′

    Foul by Mohammed Kano on Rodrigo de Paul. Free kick on the left side

  • 1′

    The PSG player did not think twice and sent his shot that was deflected by goalkeeper Mohamed Alowais

  • Argentina’s 11:

  • Start the match!


  • The national anthems are heard

  • The players take to the field of the Lusail Stadium, site of the World Cup final

  • Argentina’s last defeat was on July 2, 2019, in the semifinals of the Copa América against Brazil (2-0) at the Mineirao stadium in Belo Horizonte.

  • With 36 games in a row without losing, Lionel Scaloni’s Argentina can reach the record among elite international teams against Saudi Arabia in the World Cup, held by Roberto Mancini’s Italy with 37

  • Welcome to the match between Argentina vs Saudi Arabia, corresponding to Group C of the World Cup!

Everything ready for the big day of the debut: Lionel Messi spring into action with Argentina in the world with the duel before Saudi Arabia in Lusail, in the stadium that will host the final of the tournament on December 18.

Since his arrival in Doha on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, Messi’s every move has generated expectation, especially when concern was raised by not exercising with the group in practice on Friday and starting late and with differentiated work in Saturday’s. .

From the Argentine Soccer Association (AFA) they reassured themselves about the physical state of the player, who will initially be in Lionel Scaloni’s eleven to live his fifth World Cup phase, equaling the record of the group of stars that reach that figure.

Lionel Scaloni warned that he saw the debut match against the Saudis as “difficult”.

“We know Arabia. We have seen it in the friendly they played (last November 10) against Panama. It is a good team, very gifted, with fast players. It is very similar to the Emirates. The first World Cup game is always difficult, it has a particular seasoning. In a World Cup all the rivals are difficult. It would be ridiculous to say otherwise”, he said then.

Scaloni, the youngest coach at 44 years of the 32 teams in this World Cup, faces the tournament with the endorsement of returning the illusion to the albiceleste fans, after the title in the Copa América last year in Brazil and the Finalissima – the official duel between the defending champions of South America and Europe- won 3-0 against Italy last June in London.


Opposite will be a Saudi Arabia that on paper seems to be at a lower level and that will play its sixth World Cup. In the previous five they only managed to get past the group stage on one occasion, in their debut in the United States-1994, when they reached the round of 16.

“To achieve great results in a tournament you have to be very strong collectively, especially with the rivals we are going to play against. We have a difficult group (group C, with Mexico and Poland as well as Argentina), but we trust ourselves” , said the French coach of Saudi Arabia, Hervé Renard.


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