MINUTE BY MINUTE: Portugal vs Ghana (Group H – World Cup)

minute by minute

  • Portugal

  • Ghana

  • 82′

    Portugal’s reaction left Ghana on the canvas, the Africans withdrew their best men from the field

  • 80′

    Gooooooooooooooooooooooool Portugal!!! New filtered ball from Bruno Fernandes so that Rafael Leao appears and defines the cross to give the Lusitanos a greater advantage

  • 78′

    Gooooooooooooooooooooool Portugal!!! Filtered ball for Joao Félix who defines before the goalkeeper leaves with subtlety and raising the ball

  • 76′

    Substitution of Portugal: Rubén Neves leaves and Rafael Leao enters

  • 76′

    Two changes from Ghana: Kudus and André Ayew out; Bukari and Jordan Ayew enter

  • 73′

    Goooooooooooooooooooooooooo Ghana!!! Overflow of Kudus who crosses so that André Ayew appears in the area and pushes the ball into the back of the goal

  • 70′

    Ghana substitution: Seidu leaves and Lamptey enters

  • 68′

    After Cristiano’s historic goal, Portugal tries to sleep the game to secure the three points

  • 65′

    Gooooooooooooooooooooool Portugal!!! Cristiano Ronaldo charges with great power and opens the scoring with a historic goal, the only player to score a goal in five World Cups

  • 62′

    Penalty for Portugal! They knock down Cristiano Ronaldo inside the area and the referee does not hesitate to signal the maximum penalty

  • 60′

    The match is balanced, but there are no arrivals in the arcs

  • 57′

    Yellow card for Seidu for a strong tackle on Joao Félix

  • 55′

    Close to Ghana!! Shot by Mohammed Kudus that goes just to one side of the Portuguese goal

  • 53′

    Cristiano controls inside the area, but fails to get a precise cross for his teammates

  • 51′

    Portugal continues to press, but Ghana seems to advance lines

  • 49′

    Yellow card for André Ayew for cutting off a Portugal advance

  • Start the complementary part!!

  • Portugal is superior to Ghana, but fails to reflect it on the scoreboard


  • The first half is over

  • Four. Five’

    Two more minutes are added

  • Four. Five’

    Yellow card for Mohammed Kudus for a harsh challenge on Joao Cancelo

  • 44′

    Otávio tries to cross inside the African area, but sends his ball over the crossbar

  • 41′

    Shot by Cristiano Ronaldo inside the area, but it ends up being well blocked by defender Djiku

  • 38′

    Ghana tries to create danger on the counterattack, but their passes are not precise and they give away the ball quickly

  • 36′

    Shot by Bruno Fernandes that goes right to the location of Ati-Zigi and the goalkeeper holds the ball without rebounding

  • 3. 4′

    Joao Cancelo’s cross that goalkeeper Ati-Zigi picks up without problems

  • 31′

    Cristiano Ronaldo had scored, but they called him a previous foul on his marker by displacing it!

  • 30′

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s header is the closest Portugal has come to scoring


  • 28′

    Joao Félix’s shot that goes well over the Ghana goal

  • 25′

    Long stroke by Otávio looking for Bruno Fernandes in the area that goes very long

  • 22′

    Joao Félix’s center that goes far past when he was looking for Cristiano Ronaldo inside the area

  • twenty’

    Portugal finds fewer and fewer spaces behind Ghana

  • 18′

    Ghana balances the game a bit, but fails to clearly approach Portugal’s area

  • fifteen’

    Cristiano Ronaldo has had the clearest chances of the game


  • 13′

    Sorry Cristiano!! The Portuguese star appeared only at the far post to finish off with a header, however, his header went wide

  • 12′

    Portugal triungulates inside the African area and gets a new corner kick

  • 10′

    Close Cristiano!! The Portuguese star receives goalkeeper Ati-Zigi head on who goes out to reduce and blocks the shot

  • 8′

    Portugal keeps the ball under their control, with the complicity of Ghana, who plays very withdrawn

  • 5′

    Otávio’s volley shot that goes wide of the goal of Ghana

  • 4′

    The Lusitanian team gets the first corner kick of the match

  • two’

    Portugal begins by taking possession of the ball in the first minutes

  • Starts the match!!

  • Now the notes of the Ghanaian national anthem are played

  • The national anthem of Portugal is sung first

  • The teams leave the field of play for the previous ceremony

  • Cristiano Ronaldo is already warming up at the 974 Stadium in Doha


  • Ghana squad: Ati-Zigi; Seidu, Amartey, Djiku, Salisu, Baba; Samed, Thomas Partey; Kudus, André Ayew and Iñaki Williams

  • Portugal line-up: Coast; I cancel, Pereira, Dias, Guerrero; Otávio, Neves, Fernandes; Silva, Felix and Cristiano Ronaldo

  • The Portugal team and Cristiano Ronaldo make their debut in Qatar facing their counterpart from Ghana, within the first day of Group H, held at the 974 Stadium in Doha

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