Minute by minute: Pumas vs América (First leg)

minute by minute

  • Pumas

  • America

  • 85′

    Dinenno’s auction that goes just to one side of the azulcrema goal

  • 82′

    Pumas goal that is annulled because Álvarez was out of place

  • 76′

    Cannon shot from Jorge Sánchez that goes to the side of the Talavera goal.

  • 71′

    Corozo is injured on the court by a clash over Madrigal

  • 66′

    Two changes from Pumas, López and Saucedo leave the field and Meritao and García enter.

  • 64′

    Leo López’s center that safely contains the azulcrema goalkeeper

  • 63′

    Layún fouls Corozo and is booked.

  • 58′

    Change of the University Club, Corozo enters the field and Diogo leaves.

  • 57′

    Jorge Sánchez center that safely controls Talavera

  • 50′

    Lainez tries to generate danger in the Auriazul area, sends a center that ends in a hands off.

  • 46′

    Álvarez’s cannon shot that goes astray from the goal of the visiting team

  • 45′

    The referee whistles, America moves the ball and the complementary part begins.

  • Both squads return to the field of play to resume the actions of the match.

  • 45+2′

    The first half ends, after 45 minutes Pumas and América tie without goals.

  • 45′

    The referee will add two more minutes in the first half.

  • 40′

    Excellent intervention by Alfredo Talavera who made up a mistake his defense had made at the start.

  • 34′

    Center to the visiting area, Ortiz re-centers his head and Ochoa reaches the ball with a good stretch and prevents another Pumas player from reaching the ball

  • 33′

    Cáceres is the first caution for the azulcrema team.

  • 30′

    Dinenno wins the preventive card and is the first caution of the match

  • 24′

    Diogo de Oliveira hits a header but the ball went wide.

  • 20′

    Aguilera has to leave the field to be treated after a head butt.

  • 17′

    Paraguayan Richard Sánchez puts the ball in the university area but Pumas’ rear clears the ball from the danger zone.

  • 12′

    A filtered pass to Federico Viñas, which is very long, and there will be a goal kick for Pumas.

  • 8′

    The Spanish Álvaro Fidalgo is caught offside.

  • 7′

    Frontal service that Dinenno heads into the box and the ball goes wide.

  • 4′

    Frontal serve for Dinenno that is too long and ends in a goal kick for the visit

  • 4′

    Dinenno receives in the front, tries to turn around but the rear rejects the ball.

  • 1′

    Center of the visiting team and the local defense ends up clearing the ball.

  • 1′

    The referee whistles, Pumas moves the ball and the game begins.

  • Jorge Pérez Durán is the central referee of the match.

  • Both teams jump onto the pitch under the Liga MX protocol

  • Follow the minute by minute of Pumas vs América corresponding to the quarterfinals of the Apertura 2021 tournament

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