Mireille Dumas touched by Jean-Louis Trintignant’s words for her daughter (VIDEO)

This Thursday, November 24, Mireille Dumas shared a moving memory with the team of C to you. The host remembered the day when Jean-Louis Trintignant upset her by evoking her missing daughter, Marie.

For several years, Jean-Louis Trintignant has been very discreet in the press and his comments are rare – his last appearance was in 2019, on the show Amazing. Today the news is not good. Guest on the set of Time for the pros this Wednesday, November 24, his partner Nadine Trintignant was not reassuring: “But no, he’s losing his sight, he can’t walk well anymore. No, he’s not well, he’s bad”, she confided. Today, it is through the stories of those who crossed his path that we remember the famous actor. This Thursday, November 24, Mireille Dumas was the guest of Anne-√Člisabeth Lemoine in C to you. The journalist returned to the great moments of her career. She notably remembered a poignant exchange she had with the 90-year-old comedian.

“I’m coming, but you don’t tell me about Marie”

The emotion was palpable on the set of C to you this Thursday, November 24. The 68-year-old producer is the subject of a documentary, The TV years of Mireille Dumas, broadcast on November 26 on France 3. At the helm of the show Private life, Public life, the journalist has collected many moving testimonies of celebrities. If she confided to Anne-√Člisabeth Lemoine that she was able to hold back her tears more than once, she remembers being particularly moved when she met Jean-Louis Trintignant. In addition to his film career, the actor is notorious for being the father of Marie Trintignant, who tragically died under the blows of her husband, Bertrand Cantat. Like many personalities, the actor and director has agreed to participate in Mireille Dumas’ show. However, there was one condition: I’m coming, but you don’t tell me about Marie. If I come to talk about it, then you will ask questions “, he would have said to the host in the hallway of a theater.

“I was practically in tears”

It is natural that the filmmaker will end up talking about his missing daughter during the program. “I was upset because it is true that it was not easy. He spoke about it in absolutely overwhelming and beautiful terms.“, remembers Mireille Dumas. After the recording of the program, the latter offers to come and assist in the editing.”It was wonderful. He looked, he didn’t say anything and at the end of the edit he said to me : ‘Have I spoken well enough about Mary? Did I pay tribute to him? ‘. I was practically in tears“, she recalls.

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