Mirko Jozic’s daughter compares her father to Gustavo Quinteros

A special day is the one you are living Colo Colo during this Friday, September 3. This, as a result of a day like today, but 31 years ago, the arrival of Mirko Jozic as coach of the Cacique was confirmed, who ended up getting the Copa Libertadores on the bench of the Eternal Champion.

And that’s not all, given that, during this day, coach Mirko Jozic’s daughter took advantage of social networks to make a comparison of her father with the current Los Albos coach, Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image.

It was through her Instagram account that Jozic’s daughter uploaded a photo of both coach adding a clear message. “We play? Find the difference, who is who? The resemblance is incredible. We only need the Libertadores. Let’s go for her teacher, with everything “.

An image that quickly caused a stir among the Cacique’s fans who replicated this message on social networks. And it is that the option to qualify for this international competition can be specified tomorrow, as long as the popular team wins the championship of the Chile Cup.

It is important to note that winning the Copa Chile trophy gives way to the second elimination phase of the tournament, not directly entering the group stage of the Copa Libertadores.

Mirko Jozic’s daughter compares her father to Gustavo Quinteros.

This Saturday the white box will face Everton at the Fiscal Stadium in Talca in the final of the Chile Cup.

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