Mirror’s Edge 3 in development? The Battlefield 2042 studio responds!

While DICE tries above all to save Battlefield 2042, is Mirror’s Edge 3 likely to see the light of day? The studio gives an answer that should leave more than one speechless.

Even if the sequel divides, Mirror’s Edge would have deserved a greater success. Because yes, the first episode is still one of the most underrated games “ever” as our Anglo-Saxon friends say. And Mirror’s Edge 3? Might as well be clear, we’ll have to put a nice cross on it given DICE’s answer…

Mirror’s Edge 3? “No Time For That”

While DICE has been rowing for months to save what’s left of Battlefield 2042, behind the scenes the game would be left for dead. But is there room for something other than a BF episode that struggles to find its audience… like a Mirror’s Edge 3 for example? Absolutely not.

Rebecka Coutaz, the studio’s new director, is adamant: “there is no time for anything else” than BF 2042 and Battlefield for years to come.

We are only focused on Battlefield 2042. There is no time for anything else and that is what we want. In three years, we want to be the FPS ambassador that DICE deserves to be, and that’s what we’re aiming for.. I want the team to be really proud of Battlefield 2042. That’s the goal they pursue with their heart and passion. We want DICE to be the number one FPS in Europe, one of the global benchmarks. It’s a fabulous team. We will do magic together.

Rebecka Coutaz, general manager of DICE, via Gamesindustry.

DICE says no to a Mirror's Edge on PS5, Xbox Series and PC in favor of Battlefield 2042.

So we take out the tissues with you to say goodbye to an exclusive Mirror’s Edge 3 PS5, Xbox Series and PC. You can always fall back on Ghostrunner or Dying Light 2: Stay Human to rediscover the exhilarating sensations of parkour.

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