Misleading: Sky is only allowed to advertise football games that are shown

The Bavarian consumer advice center prevailed in court because of misleading advertising by the streaming provider Sky: It was about football games that Sky advertised but did not even offer in the advertised sports package.

Bundesliga TV rights: Sky advertising not permitted

The consumer advocates complained after there were complaints from Sky customers who felt cheated – after booking their subscriptions, they later found that they could not see all the game broadcasts that they had expected.

Sky advertised the “Supersport + TV Stick” offer during the 2020/2021 Bundesliga season. It was said that all individual games of the Bundesliga, the 2nd Bundesliga and the UEFA Champions League were included in the offer.
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“Consumers were given the impression that they could watch all games with this tariff,” explained Tatjana Halm, a lawyer at the Bavarian consumer advice center.

This was not the case, however, because Sky did not have the broadcasting rights for all the games advertised. “In our opinion, if a company advertises with more content than it actually makes available, that is misleading,” says the lawyer. The district court of Munich I fully agreed and decided in the interests of the consumer. “In the future, the media group Sky Germany will no longer be allowed to advertise with games that it does not offer,” the judgment says (Az.: 33 O 6837/21). The judgment is already final.

The consumer advocates nevertheless warn interested sports fans to obtain thorough information before taking out a subscription: “Anyone who signs up for streaming subscriptions at the start of the new Bundesliga season should check exactly what the current offers actually include. In this way, football fans can avoid nasty surprises.”

In addition, offers and services that do not correspond to the advertising should always be brought to the attention of consumer protection groups. The consumer centers take such notices onlinecheck them and, if necessary, warn the providers.

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Television, football, Sky, sports, Bundesliga, pay TV, TV channels, football, Dazn
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