Miss France 2023: the pearls of the candidates for the general culture quiz

It is a tradition among contenders for the title of Miss France. And a dreaded tradition. Every year, on the occasion of their great preparation trip, the regional Misses must take part in the exercise of the general culture questionnaire which will give them a note, not eliminatory but which will play a certain role in the designation of the fifteen finalists in the election. This year, the Miss stay takes place in Guadeloupe, in an idyllic setting. It is the new director of the committee, Cindy Fabre, who is doing this exercise for the first time when she herself had never passed it since it was implemented the year following her election. Due to the director’s early departure for mainland France, it is earlier than initially planned, this Thursday, November 24, that the 30 candidates had to submit their knowledge to the dreaded quiz before the national competition which will take place on December 17.

Forty questions in 1h30

In the program, several dozen questions belonging to various categories : news, history-geography, mathematics, French, English and art. To answer the 40 questions – and write the essay in English, new this year, the candidates had 1h30. And tell The Parisian in his report this November 25, they were even joined by the former director of the committee, Sylvie Tellier, and by the Miss France still in office, Diane Leyre. If this one refuses to reveal its score of the past year, we know that, last year, the first place had been obtained by Miss Normandy. This year, the verdict was pronounced three hours after the event and it is again the Miss Normandy, in the person of Perrine Prunier, who obtained the best score. The young woman has an impressive school career since she is currently in a gap year for a master 2 in law to become a police commissioner. She had been the first to finish the test, thirty minutes before the end of the allotted time and had declared to have “found the first page of questions easy.”

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Olympe de Gouges, Beyoncé, Roselyne Bachelot…

Miss Aquitaine also had finished quickly, even if she admitted not having been able to say who Olympe de Gouges was but knowing without any problem that the album Renaissance was that of the singer Beyoncé. Others struggled more on other issues. The minister to whom we owe the music festival, for example. “I thought it was a woman, so I put Roselyne Bachelot but I wasn’t very sure”, confesses Miss Brittany. Miss Ile-de-France, for her part, had doubts about the question relating to a fashion designer who stages his parades in nature, in this case the stylist Simon Porte Jacquemus. “Jacquemus, is that really his name? His name is not Olivier Rousteing ?”, the young woman is mistaken. Finally, it is literature that seems to have had the most trouble for some of the candidates. “I hesitated with Annie Ernaux for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2022, but I put Marguerite Duras, it’s good”, confuses Miss Guadeloupe. Some try to reassure themselves by asking: “Cyrano de Bergerac, is it Molière?”. Missed this time. But will you do better than the Misses? Try this quiz on our site and try to win many gifts.

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