Missbricosplay makes us fall in love with its own cosplay version of Lola Bunny from Space Jam

The cosplayer community has great affection for many of the characters that are part of popular culture, to the extent that today we will delve into a characterization that is centered on the Space Jam movie, one of the films that marked the childhood of many of us.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that Space Jam was one of the great animated films (and not) of the nineties. Loved by basketball and Looney Tunes fans. Warner Bros. recently put out a new movie, but the original is still in the hearts of many fans, so much so that today we delve into a characterization inspired by the female character of Lola Bunny.

This thanks to the beautiful model missbricosplay who offers us her own version of Lola Bunny, in the version of Space Jam (1997). The cosplay made by missbricosplay is simple, but well done and manages to captivate us by jumping back in time to the date we enjoyed this Looney Tunes movie.

We should mention that, “She just recreated Lola Bunny’s cosplay. It’s very different from the last time I photographed her, but I love this cosplay.” However, he explains that the costume is not the perfect size, but he did his best and more than one fan was amazed at first sight, since in a short time he managed to get more than 27 thousand likes.

The version made by Missbricosplay allows us to see the classic clothing of the female character in the old movie, along with rabbit ears with which we can see how she is characterized. The basketball team’s uniform is complemented by a basketball that reminds us how talented Lola Bunny is at sports.

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