Missing Julia found alive in the Czech Republic

According to police, the girl Julia, who has been missing in the Czech Bohemian Forest since Sunday, was found near Ceska Kubice. The eight-year-old from Berlin is now receiving medical care, the Czech police announced on Twitter on Tuesday.

Shortly afterwards, the spokesman for the Upper Palatinate Police Headquarters, Josef Weindl, confirmed the good news to Tagesspiegel. “We are very happy that our Czech colleagues have found the girl,” he said: “And alive, although probably hypothermic, which is why she was taken to a hospital.”

The police announced that the girl was found on Czech territory by a forester involved in the search at around 1:35 p.m. – about 3.5 km (as the crow flies) from the summit of Cerchov. The place where she was discovered is in the opposite direction to the place where she disappeared. Therefore, the police assume that the 8-year-old was constantly on the move and walked several kilometers in the forest.
The missing child was completely exhausted in a bush and did not attract attention. Where Julia is now medically cared for, the authorities did not want to say with reference to privacy. Everything else will be reported after appropriate coordination with the Czech authorities.

The girl disappeared on Sunday while hiking on the Bavarian-Czech border and has been missing since then. The child comes from the Pankow district, as a police spokesman confirmed to the Tagesspiegel on Monday. On Tuesday, the police only spoke of the greater Berlin area as the place of origin.

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Despite the darkness and cold, the helpers had been looking for the second night in a row in the border area between Bavaria and the Czech Republic. The action should be continued on Tuesday – also with the help of an alpine task force.

The police officers specially trained for operations in the mountains were sent to the region by the Upper Bavaria South Police Headquarters to provide support. More than 30 emergency services had been sent to the Bohemian Forest, said a police spokesman – including service dog handlers.

The son and nephew were found again

Dense treetops made the search difficult. “Thermal imaging cameras do not come through the treetops,” said a police spokesman on Tuesday. They were in use until morning – “but unfortunately without any result”.

What the brother and cousin said about the disappearance, the spokesman did not want to say “for tactical reasons”. The police still assume a missing person. There is “no approach at all that would point to a criminal offense,” said police spokesman Florian Beck on Tuesday afternoon the Bavarian radio.

It is still assumed that the girl got lost in the forest near the Czech mountain Cerchov (Schwarzkopf). As usual in such cases, however, it will be investigated in all directions, said Beck. For this purpose, the Regensburg police force was turned on.

Several hundred were reportedly looking for the child on Tuesday. During the night on the mountain where Julia disappeared, it was four degrees cold. However, there are ledges in the area under which the girl could have found shelter. Julia’s parents are looked after by psychologists, as the spokesman said. “They are doing according to the circumstances.”

The Czech police also continued to look for the girl. On Tuesday, the authorities called on all citizens who had been on the Cerchov mountain and its surroundings between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Sunday to report immediately to the police emergency number.

The police released a video showing emergency services combing the forest in a long line. The area near the border was a restricted military area during the Cold War.

On the Czech side, too, the police advised volunteers not to take part in the search. Should that change, they will get in touch. “Thank you for not being indifferent,” wrote a spokesman on Twitter.

The girl had disappeared since late Sunday afternoon. The family hiked on the Czech mountain Cerchov (Schwarzkopf) at the weekend, the area is about two kilometers from the Bavarian border town of Waldmünchen. In addition to their two children, the parents also had a nephew with them.

According to the information so far, the adults lost sight of the three children who were playing in the forest. The couple’s six-year-old son and nine-year-old nephew were eventually found, with the eight-year-old daughter missing.

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Several hundred emergency services – police officers, mountain rescue workers and firefighters – had been looking for the student in the area on Monday. The emergency services come from both the Czech Republic and Germany. Police helicopters from Bavaria circled over the area in Bohemia, dog squadrons were in action on the ground. In addition, off-road special vehicles were used.

Rescue workers with a search dog are on Monday in a parking lot on the German-Czech border.Photo: Armin Weigel / dpa

Foresters and employees of the Bohemian Forest National Park (Sumava), who are familiar with the impassable and sometimes rocky terrain, also helped with the search. The Sumava National Park borders the oldest German National Park in the Bavarian Forest. According to current information, around 800 emergency services on the Czech and German sides were involved in the search between Sunday afternoon and Monday evening.

A helicopter is used to search for eight-year-old Julia Sleegers from Berlin on the Czech mountain Cerchov.Photo: Armin Weigel / dpa

The police appealed to the local people not to look for the girl on their own. “We ask you not to dare to climb the mountain, but to stay down here on the streets and in the surrounding communities to keep your eyes open, simply so as not to put yourself in danger,” said a spokesman for the police headquarters Upper Palatinate. “Not that we might have to rescue other people from the mountain or even look for them.” As early as Monday afternoon, the Upper Palatinate police asked on Twitter to refrain from independent searches in the area.

On Monday lunchtime, the Upper Palatinate police headquarters started a public search with photos of the girl. (Tsp, dpa)

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