Mister France 2022: Lenny Tabourel, alias Mister Méditerranée, wins the competition

The most handsome man in France is a 23-year-old soldier stationed in Marseille. He aspires to be a model for all French people.

The most handsome man in France was designated this weekend: Lenny Tabourel, Mister Méditerranée, was elected Mister France 2022 on Saturday evening at Cirque Bormann in Paris. He succeeds Bilal Malek.

23 years old, Lenny Tabourel is a soldier. Formerly a sergeant in the 6th Equipment Regiment in Besançon, this man of 1.89 m and 86 kilos is currently stationed in Marseille.

During his mandate, he aspires to be a model for all French people: “A good Mister France must be humble, attentive, exemplary and above all a source of inspiration”, he declared to the site. BoGoss et BodyBuilder. “My values, for me, are to be straight, fair, and to respect everyone.”

Passionate about modeling, Lenny Tabourel had already tried his luck at the Mister France competition in 2020. He had been elected Mister Doubs when he was living in Besançon.

“I succeeded in my physical transformation”

His victory marks the culmination of a journey placed under the sign of self-transcendence. “I participate in the Mister France contest for several reasons, the main one is to give me challenges”, he had warned on the BoGoss and BodyBuilder site.

Complexed by his physique as a teenager, this lover of rugby, basketball and running trained for several years to sculpt his body, he had told France Blue Vaucluse:

“When I was younger, in college, I was rather complexed about my physique because I was obese. I suffered daily but really incessant teasing, and I said to myself one day I have to change all that, I have to recover physically and morally, I have to make those who called me fat lie and I have succeeded in my physical transformation.

Lenny Tabourel has four dolphins: Vincent Berna (Mister France Languedoc), Matthieu Bernier (Mister France Guadeloupe), Damien Loulidi (Mister France Ile-De-France) and Pierre Carta (Mister France Corse).

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