MODEL BECOMES INTERNET HIT – Scarlett Johansson’s face secures me the rent

Look like a Hollywood star – who wouldn’t want that?

ONE, however, doesn’t always feel like it: Influencer Kate Shumskaya (25) has been confused with Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson (36) since she was twelve. This is a blessing and a curse.

“I’ve known I look like her for a while, but I never thought of it. I was really amazed by the comments, ”Kate recalls Caters-News.

Wonderfully weird: “I am often thanked on social networks for the excellent performance in the film ‘Black Widow’.”

She used THAT to her advantage without further ado. Scarlett Johansson plays the Russian Natasha Romanoff in the Marvel film “Black Widow”. On TikTok, Kate slipped into the role of the action figure and shot a few videos. With success: Almost 25 million users clicked on one of their imitations.

The beautiful Russian only recently moved to Moscow from a small town in Russia to get started in the modeling businessPhoto: mimisskate/Instagram

The real Scarlett Johansson was young at 36 years old for

The real Scarlett Johansson was recently honored for her life’s work at the American Cinematheque Awards at the age of 36Foto: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Due to her astonishing resemblance to the mega-star, Kate’s monthly salary suddenly rose to thousands of dollars, because: she now has over 10 million followers on TikTok, a million Instagram fans and is well booked thanks to her doppelganger status as a model.

► Loud NBC News A Tiktoker with around 5 million followers earns between 5,000 and 8,000 US dollars – PRO sponsored post. With her ten million subscribers, Kate has a proud penny on her account.

So much so that Kate gave up her job as sales manager at a construction company in 2020: “Even now my parents don’t understand this step. They thought I would never make enough money as a model. I had a stable $ 700 a month to live on, so my parents didn’t want me to quit the job. But I did it – and it was worth it. “

Today the resemblance to Scarlett Johansson secures her rent.

Scarlett Johansson als Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson als „Black Widow“Photo: AP

BUT: When actress Johansson was accused of making an Asian character look whiter in the movie “Ghost in the Shell”, Kate suddenly received hate mail and threats from strangers.

Therefore, Kate would much rather lead her “own life”, “instead of Scarlett’s”. Doppelganger jobs are also very rare. But she hardly has any money worries today …

And she also knows how to put herself in the limelight: If you take a closer look at the photos on Kate Shumskaya’s accounts, you will notice that with a few tricks she looks EVEN more similar to the Marvel heroine.

The right angle, good light and clever make-up ensure that the young woman can hardly be distinguished from Scarlett Johansson. So if at some point the actress no longer feels like playing her Hollywood roles, Kate could step in without further ado.

As “Black Widow”, Kate should at least speak better Russian than Scarlett …

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