Model steals looks with her perfect cosplay of Kida from Atlantis

Variety should not be lacking among your collections of cosplay favorites, and as you know, not everything is written, since it is enough to see how creativity plays a very important role in the creation that manages to give life to some of your favorite characters, taking them off the screen thanks to their great makeup work, costumes or some other type of characterization. These girls are all professionals, because sometimes they do their job so well, it’s hard to believe how incredibly good they look impersonating our favorite characters; and whether it’s a cosplay about anime, movies, video games or more, a result like this is simply unmissable.

We bring back a girl who has done nothing but grow and renew her style, always giving us the best of them and surprising us with the incredible result; this great cosplay tells us about other topics, and we will tell you about a beautiful girl who is a co-star in a movie of Disney.

Yes, we talked about the beautiful Queen Kidagakash Nedakhwhich is better known as Kida, a powerful, agile, brave and really beautiful woman who lives in Atlantis; she who despite having a calm personality, she would never let go of a great adventure and being able to explore a new world. She has beautiful brown skin, the girl with white hair, she is quite a beauty, and they made her known to us as one of the characters in the movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

A film with a very original style, which was released in 2001, and which at the time received great criticism for its uniqueness, process, music and animation; It should be noted that she was well ahead of her time, where she is presented to us for the first time as the ruler of the empire of Atlantis, so she wants her people to prosper as she did in the past, since she fears that her culture is lost.

The name of this model is Jasmin, is a beautiful and popular cosplayer originally from Ireland, and who has done hundreds of jobs, always showing high quality in her work, since she is committed to every level in each of her jobs. The girl designs and does practically all her work cosplay right from the start.

A Jasminlikes to be called cutie pieand you can find her on her official Instagram as @cutiepiesenseiin which it has more than 388 thousand followers and a great catalog of cosplay that you should not miss.

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