Mon Laferte in Cancun after five years of great changes

After five years, the singer, now Mexican, returns to the stages of cancun with new music, new hits and new albums as well as now being a multi-award winning music, social activist and mother of a family.

This Saturday November 26 mon laferte will be presented at the Cancun Bullring After five years of absence from the stage in this city, the singer is currently one of the best on the Spanish music scene and will return fully renewed.

Her audience is so large that the singer is about to sell all her tickets because there are only a few left from a zone of four that were implemented and it costs around 800 pesos. The return is expected to be triumphant for this Chilean-born artist.

mon’s changes

Mon Laferte in Cancun after five years of great changes

Mon Laferte in Cancun after five years of great changes

The singer has had many changes and one of them is that she is now Mexican, since she has already naturalized and now Mon Laferte will perform in cancun as a compatriot, something that she has presumed in all the interviews she has been able to.

Another of the most transcendental changes in the life of the singer and with which Mon Laferte returns, is that she is now a mother, and this has changed her perspective on things, as she herself has pointed out.

She recently participated as a judge on the streaming program The Most Dredger where he played a very important role, this same year he also participated in the interview with Yordi Rosado where he spoke about topics such as his life as a couple in Morelos.

It is also now backed by four awards Latin Grammys that attest to his musical journey and of course now he comes with new music in Cancun, in his last presentation in the Mexican Caribbean, during the Tecate Location, he could not delight with a long repertoire and now he has it.

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