Monaco does not miss its return to L1 – Brief and NOTES of the players (Strasbourg 1-2 Monaco)

Despite a difficult end to the match, Monaco got their season off to a good start by beating Strasbourg (2-1) on Saturday, during the first day of Ligue 1. ASM joined Lyon at the top of the standings.

Fofana congratulates Diatta after his goal (0-1, 43rd)

AS Monaco did not want to repeat the mistakes of the past. Not always successful in its start to the season in recent years, the Principality club got off to a better start in this 2022-2023 financial year by winning a precious success on the lawn of La Meinau (2-1), where Strasbourg had not known the defeat only three times last season.

Diatta’s jewel

The Mongasques had a very good first fifteen minutes in this meeting thanks to pressing which considerably hampered the Strasbourg players in the recovery. Time for Diop to afford a big opportunity wasted by too long control in the area and for Jean Lucas to test Sels on a shot that slipped under the crossbar. Strasbourg had been hot!

Jostled at the start of the match, the Strasbourg residents then reacted and could have opened the scoring during their strong moment. It took a save from Aguilar in front of Ajorque in front of goal then a fine save from Nbel on a curling shot from Linard to prevent ASM from being behind in this part. Behind, the debates were balanced but Diatta placed the Mongasques in front of the scoreboard just before the break on a powerful volley at the entrance to the surface (0-1, 43rd)!

Monaco is scared at the end of the match

In the second half, Monaco would make the break quickly thanks to Diop. The young Mongasque striker followed well to take a shot from Martins repelled by Sels (0-2, 53rd). Enough to cool La Meinau permanently? Well no, since the Strasbourg public continued to push their players. Beneficial support for Julien Stphan’s men who found the resources to reduce the gap thanks to a header from Diallo at the far post on a cross from Delaine (1-2, 65th).

Relaunched in this part, the RCSA pushed at the end of the game to equalize before the final whistle. But Diallo was denied a double in added time for an offside signal by the VAR, then Nbel made two decisive saves on his line! A relief for Monaco who are smiling again after their draw against PSV Eindhoven (1-1) in the preliminary round of the Champions League and join Lyon at the top of the standings.

The score of the match: 7/10

A rather balanced and pleasant first period with a superb goal just before the break. The second act remained pleasant thanks to the reaction of the Strasbourg residents after Monaco’s second goal. We were entitled to suspense until the end in this meeting.

The goals :

– On a corner shot by Diop, Disasi wins in the air and extends with a header. Diatta emerges from the center of the surface to score with a masterful volley from the right, which comes to stay flush with the right post (0-1, 43rd).

– Served by Diop in the area, Martins fires a shot from the right deflected by Sels on his right. Diop followed well and pushed the ball into the empty goal (0-2, 53rd).

– On a cross from Delaine from the right, Diallo wins in the air to place a header at the far post (1-2, 65th).

Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Sofiane Diop (7/10)

This match will do him good. After a complicated second half of last season, the Monegasque attacking midfielder took advantage of his tenure to put himself forward. He sometimes lacked success in the opposing box, the image of a too long control in front of Sels in the first period, but his offensive contribution was very interesting and he made the break by scoring a goal by taking a shot from Martins repulsed by Salts. A big activity that should make his trainer happy. Replace the 66th by Maghnes Akliouche (not not).


Matz Sels (6.5): despite the two goals conceded, the Strasbourg goalkeeper allowed his team to believe in it until the end by making many important saves. Helpless on Diatta’s shot which allowed Monaco to open the scoring, he was then unfortunate on the second Mongasque goal by deflecting Martins’ strike on Diop.

Lucas Perrin (5): the Strasbourg central defender played a rather serious match, even if he sometimes suffered physically in his duels with Embolo. Replace the 66th by Maxime Le Marchand (not not).

Gerzino Nyamsi (4): a fairly average performance. The former Rennais did not release his usual physical power in his area.

Alexander Djiku (5.5): announced leaving this summer, the central defender of Strasbourg obviously does not have his head elsewhere. He made several valuable defensive gestures to repel the danger in his area.

Ronael Pierre-Gabriel (5): for his first official match with Strasbourg, the former Brestois distinguished himself defensively but his attacking contribution was rather limited. Replace the 46th by Thomas Delaine (6)who provides Diallo with a decisive pass on a cross from the right side.

Sanjin Prcic (5): the Strasbourg midfielder entered his match well with a strike captured by Nbel and well-felt passes. But his influence in the game has diminished over the minutes.

Jeanricner Bellegarde (4): good activity in recovery and interesting projections, but he sometimes lacked accuracy to carry out his actions to the end. Replace the 66th by Jean Eudes Aholou (not not).

Dimitri Linard (6): symbol of this Strasbourg team, the captain of Racing did not let anything go in this part. He fought on all the balls and did not hesitate to throw himself as soon as he was served. He is close to scoring in the first period on a strike rejected by Nbel. Replace the 82nd by Dany Jean (not not).

Adrien Thomasson (6): the Strasbourg midfielder makes a good copy. He actively participated in the offensive animation of his team by delivering good balls, without forgetting to defend with 4 successful tackles in this meeting.

Habib Diallo (7): more prominent offensively than his teammate Ajorque, the Strasbourg striker revived his team in the second period thanks to a fine header at the far post. He thought he would give the RCSA a draw at the very end of the match, but his second goal was canceled by the VAR for an offside position.

Ludovic Ajorque (5): announced at the start, the Strasbourg center-forward was very interesting in his deviations, but he did not manage to be dangerous in front of goal. His only opportunity: a long shot from the left easily captured by Nbel in the first period. Replace the 65th by Kevin Gameiro (not).


Alexander Nbel (7): the Monaco goalkeeper had a good game. He reassured his defense on the Strasbourg shots and proved to be valuable with outings at the opposing feet. At the end of the match, he preserved the victory for his team with two important saves in added time.

Ruben Aguilar (5): good and less good for the right side of ASM. If he saves his team from being led in the first period thanks to a precious save in front of his line, he is however beaten by Diallo in the air on the Strasbourg goal.

Axel Disasi (6.5): the captain of Monaco this Saturday had a solid game behind. He repelled the danger in his surface by imposing himself regularly in the air. He delivers a decisive Diatta header before the break.

Guillermo Maripn (6): the Chilean central defender fought a big duel with Diallo. He was able to respond physically and with experience to the Strasbourg striker.

Ismail Jakobs (5): a correct match for the left side of Monaco, who is nevertheless too passive in front of Delaine on the Strasbourg goal.

Youssouf Fofana (6): orphan of Tchouamni, gone to Real Madrid, the Mongasque midfielder proved that ASM could count on him despite everything. He was good in recovery and invaluable in closing the gaps in midfield.

Jean Lucas (6.5): preferred Matazo, the Brazilian made a good copy. Valuable defensively in the midfield, he could also have distinguished himself offensively if Sels had not deflected his two attempts: a shot that sped under the crossbar then a shot that ended up on the post.

Krepin Diatta (7): discreet at first, the Mongasque right winger put himself in evidence by opening the scoring in this meeting with a splendid volley of the right. A good way to start his season after a last exercise spoiled by a serious knee injury. Behind, he made some good accelerations and lost a duel against Sels. Replace the 83rd by Eliot Matazo (not not).

Sofiane Diop (7): read the comment above.

Gelson Martins (6): Voluntary and very available, the Monegasque attacking midfielder has done his team a lot of good with his incessant forward runs. His shot diverted by Sels allows Diop to make the break in the second period. Replace the 73rd by Vanderson (not).

Breel Embolo (6): for his first tenure with Monaco, the Swiss international did not really have the opportunity to put himself in evidence in front of goal. On the other hand, he showed very good things in the game, with movement and physical power which caused a lot of concern for Strasbourg. Very promising!

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STRASBOURG 1-2 MONACO (mid-time: 0-1) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 1st day
Stadium: Stade de la Meinau, Strasbourg – Referee: Francois Letexier, France

Goals : H. Diallo (65th) for STRASBOURG – K. Diatta (43rd) S. Diop (53rd) for MONACO
Warnings :- Y. Fofana (80th), K. Diatta (83rd)for MONACO

STRASBOURG : Mr. SaltsL. Perrin (M. Le Marchand, 66th), G. Nyamsi, A. DjikuS. Prcic, J. Bellegarde (J. Aholou, 66th)R. Pierre-Gabriel (T. Delaine, 46th), D. LinardA. ThomassonH. Diallo, L. Ajorque (K. Gameiro, 66th)

MONACO : A.NbelA. Disasi, G.MaripnR.Aguilar, I.JakobsY.Fofana, John LucasS. Diop (M. Akliouche, 66th)K. Diatta (E. Matazo, 87th), Gelson Martins (Vanderson, 73rd)B. Embolo

Diatta gave Monaco the advantage (0-1, 43rd)

VIDEO: the Diatta missile!

Diop took the break for ASM (0-2, 53rd)

Diallo had revived Strasbourg (1-2, 65th)

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