Mondo TV shares reverse the downward trend again. What future awaits them?

Mondo TV on the Stock Exchange is the story of a stock that could be defined perpetually on the downside. Yet if we compare its performance with that of the reference sector average, we find that it has always done better. Even now, after a rebound started at the beginning of March, Mondo TV shares are once again reversing the downward trend.

Yet this weakness is inexplicable if you look at the strengths of the title.

  • The company’s EBITDA / turnover ratio is relatively large and generates high margins net of write-downs, depreciation and taxes.
  • The financial situation of the company appears excellent. This thing gives it a remarkable investment capacity.
  • Over the past 4 months, analysts have significantly revised the company’s revenue estimates.
  • According to what was reported in specialized magazines, analysts are positive on the title. The average consensus recommends Buy or Overweight on the stock. Furthermore, the average target price indicated by analysts is higher than the current price and implies a significant potential for appreciation. At present, the estimated undervaluation based on analysts’ indications is over 200%.
  • Over the past four months, analysts’ judgment has improved significantly.
  • Over the past twelve months, consensus analysts have largely positively revised their views on the company.

Mondo TV shares reverse the downward trend again. What future awaits them according to the graphic analysis?

The title TV world (MIL: MTV) closed the session on 10 May at € 0.891, down by 1.00% compared to the previous session.

Weekly time frame

The current projection is bearish and points to the most probable target in the 0.582 euro area. The only obstacle that stands in the way of achieving this goal is found in the € 0.826 area. If, then, even this level does not hold, then the quotations of Mondo TV could move towards the 0.3383 euro area, first, and the 0.1877 euro area, then.

tv world

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