Mongeville (C8): Francis Perrin delighted with the good audiences of the reruns, he dreams of a return

Each Wednesday, Mongeville a hit in reruns on C8. These good audiences rejoice Francis Perrin who is ready to find his costume of magistrate.

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Wednesday is Mongeville on C8! The former France 3 series with the examining magistrate played by Francis Perrin (who does not blame France 3 for stopping the series) is a hit in rebroadcast on the Canal + group channel. On Wednesday, November 16, the episode brought together more than 1.4 million viewers, for 7.7% of the public. A huge score for a TNT channel. “This choice first echoes our policy of fiction since 2012. Our audience is keen on it. We started with Navaro and Father and Mayor. Later we tried Inspector Barnaby, The Murdoch Investigations Where Inspector Lewis“, explained Vincent Pujol, the channel’s program director.

“It’s unexpected and it’s very pleasing”

And this success delighted Francis Perrin. In the columns of TV Starhe returned to this audience card: “It’s unexpected and it’s very pleasing. It’s a quality series, produced by France Télévisions and Son et Lumière, which finds a new audience on C8 while retaining some of the old ones. This is proof that people are attached to characters and stories. There is this couple that my character forms with Captain Duteil, Gaëlle Bona, humor and insolence.”

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Francis Perrin is already ready to resume his role in Mongeville

Could we therefore imagine a new sequel to Mongevilleproduced this time by and/or for C8: “It is not planned at the momenttold us Vincent Pujol, but do we ever know?“. In an interview with PuremediaAlexandra Clert, boss of Son et lumière, the production company of Mongevillewas confirmed:We are ready tomorrow to take up the torch. We have the authors to do this and the actors agree to resume“. In this case, Francis Perrin would obviously answer present to resume his role: “I would likeanswers his ex-interpreter to our colleagues. I would strongly support such a project. But at the moment, that’s not the case.”

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