Mónica Cabrejos: “A single woman in this society is still a plague”

Mónica Cabrejos does not walk with half measures, in the midst of an environment in which romantic love and the “dream weddings” of media figures are exacerbated, she is forceful about what it really means to love someone. “Many times we go through stages of our lives without realizing that the true love that we seek so much is not outside, but inside. It is difficult for someone to love you if you do not love yourself and if you do not accept yourself, “says the host of “On the sixth day” and the main figure of “Single and liberated”.


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There are still little novels that feed a group of the population, that’s why the fascination of the weddings of others, we are all waiting because we want to have the memory to see how they end. But more and more we look at this type of novels with a little skepticism.

No, I am full of love. I am in a spectacular moment of my life, full of love for myself, I am well, calm and happy.

I would love for it to arrive, the problem is that I know that Prince Charming does not exist. At this point one should expect someone to arrive who accepts an imperfect person like me, hopefully we have things in common, that we get along and understand each other.


Monica Cabrejos (Photo: Anthony Nino de Guzman)
Monica Cabrejos (Photo: Anthony Nino de Guzman)

Undoubtedly, what happens is that there is a very special burden with the issue with women because single men are the winners, they are champions, on the other hand, a single woman in society is still a plague. We must question some quoted truths, I think it is important to understand that romantic love is not the axis of women’s lives.

I question many things, especially myself, because there are no absolute things in society, finally I think that questioning yourself is the way to mark critical thinking.

You necessarily have to know the person much more. They got married in a hurry because Carla, as she has 3 children, did not want to go live with him without being married, I guess. Marrying a person you’ve known for four months has played against them.

I think Karla has matured quite a bit. I think that women and people in general, build a life based on mistakes, from failures you learn. I think Carla is going to take some time, although she is rather in love with love, she is always looking for it.

I know little about the details of them because I think they have been very hermetic, but what is more or less understood is that each one wanted different things. If two people are going their separate ways, I think the ideal is to separate.

What happens is that a star like him, that is, the majority of soccer players, needs the girlfriend next to him, the wife next to him. I think Alondra has accompanied him enough and finally decided for her.


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