Mónica Cabrejos asks to stop bullying against Alessia Rovegno: “She has her own beauty, undeniable”

The host of ‘On the sixth day’, Mónica Cabrejos came out in defense of the new Miss Peru Universe, alessia rovegnowho was the target of criticism on social networks after his coronation.

The psychologist also requested to stop the bullying of which Alessia Rovegno is a victim and highlighted the natural beauty of the young queen and explained that in one “a society where the search for physical perfection has become obsessive, a natural beauty like Alessia’s turns out to be controversial and revolutionary”.

Of course she does (she deserves to be Miss Peru), she has the bearing of a top model: size (which is inoperable), bearing and elegance. Without a doubt, there are aspects that she must correct and improve, such as assertive communication, logical thinking to be able to better organize her ideas and not be left alone as a beauty without intellect (she obtains herself by reading, studying and cultivating herself).”, he pointed out on his Instagram account.

“I think bullying is unnecessary”

In her social network, the television host also asked to stop the bullying against Alessia Rovegno and all women. He specified that the last 10 or 15 queens of Peru collected plastic surgeries (perhaps for this reason Janick Maceta was overthrown by the Mexican Andrea Meza considered by many as an ugly woman) and that the current trend in the world is to value more natural beauty than that obtained in an operating room.

I think that bullying is unnecessary and no one has contemplated that Alessia Rovegno has an undeniable beauty of her own; in a world where cosmetic surgeries are so common (not only for TV, but for non-television people) that perhaps the new queen of Peru will offer us a lesson in self-esteem, real empowerment and unconditional acceptance”, he referred.


La Chola Chabuca with her son for Father’s Day

La Chola Chabuca with her son for Father’s Day

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