Monkey pox: more than 2000 confirmed cases in France

Public Health France announced on Wednesday that 2,239 confirmed cases of monkeypox have been identified in the country, most frequently in Île-de-France.

The number of monkey pox cases continues to rise in the territory. As of August 2, 2022, 2,239 cases have been confirmed by Public Health France, announces the agency in a report published this Wednesday afternoon. As since the start of the epidemic, this indicates that the disease mainly affects “men who have sex with men”.

“Most of the cases questioned declare that they cannot identify the person who would have contaminated them”, explains Public Health France.

The Île-de-France region has the most confirmed cases of monkeypox (845 cases). No region of metropolitan France is spared, while no confirmed case has been identified in Reunion and Guyana.

“Enough vaccines to vaccinate the target population”

As of August 2, 37,005 doses of vaccine have been delivered by the Agency to the territories, can we read in the report of Public Health France.

The agency invites people meeting the eligibility criteria set by HAS to make an appointment. These are “men who have sex with men and report multiple sexual partners”, “trans people reporting multiple sexual partners”, “sex workers”, and “professionals working in places of sexual consumption”.

Questioned in the National Assembly on Tuesday during Questions to the Government, the Minister of Health, François Braun, affirmed that there are “enough vaccines to vaccinate the target population” against monkeypox. Since the start of the epidemic, more than 11,000 people have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

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