Monthly stays in garages already range from 5,000 to 8,000 pesos

in the garages they warn that there may be another change in the price boards / gonzalo calvelo

The hour of parking in a private garage already quotes 200 pesos on average in the City. Leaving the car for 12 hours is between 600 and 800 pesos, and a monthly stay is between 5,000 and 8,000 pesos. Vans pay a little more. In some downtown locations they already applied increases in May or this month, and those that did not have it projected for July, at the start of the second stage of the year. In all cases, he argues that it was due to the rise in maintenance costs.

Despite the prices, in many places they do not have room for long stays. Insecurity plays an important role, according to different sources consulted by this newspaper. The lack of parking space in the downtown area of ​​the City also drives the demand for places for short stays, of at least one hour.

One of the managers of a garage in the center of La Plata remarked that “many people, despite having all-risk insurance, go to the expense of leaving the car in the garage to avoid delays in repairing any damage or replacing covers, for example. In addition, to lower the price of the insurance fee, they have high franchises and not everyone can afford any unforeseen expense. Therefore, they take all possible precautions.

In the case of a garage in the Plaza Italia area, they announced that next month they will apply a 15 percent increase for the monthly stay: from 5,000 pesos to 5,800 pesos. A few blocks away, near the train station, the monthly stay is already at 7,500 pesos, after having made an adjustment between May and this month.

The increases in operating costs in public services, salaries of managers and other maintenance items of the places, and the general rise in prices published by the Indec on a monthly basis led different owners to raise the values.

In a garage in the Plaza Perón neighborhood, customers have already been told that the 4,200 pesos they pay today will go to 5,000 next month.

A few meters from Plaza Moreno, the manager of a garage said that last month it rose from 180 pesos to 200 pesos an hour. The overnight or 12-hour stay is 800 pesos and monthly parking rose from just over 5,000 pesos to 7,000 pesos. Despite the increases, “there is no place to add new cars for monthly stays.”

“Like all items, we are raising the values ​​due to the increases in all the costs that maintaining open trade represents. In the semester we only applied an increase, in May, in consideration of the clients we have had for many years, “they added in the same garage that is 100 meters from diagonal 73, on 11th Street.


According to a survey carried out by this newspaper, there are more than 150 commercial garages enabled in the City.

To enable a garage, the Municipality requires the endorsement of two communal areas: Planning and Commerce. As it was known, there are about 60 garages that would work without formal endorsement.

The exponential growth of traffic exposes the lack of parking spaces, mainly during peak hours.

There are areas, such as those of the civil and commercial courts, the Provincial Supreme Court, schools, banks and shops on 13th Avenue between Plazas Moreno and Paso, where it takes almost half an hour to find a place to park and the garages in the area almost always they are at the limit to leave the vehicles for a handful of hours.

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