Moon Knight: Oscar Isaac himself confirms season 2

Available on Disney+ since March 30, 2022, the Moon Knight series has met with great success with Marvel fans. It was originally supposed to be a mini-series consisting of only 6 episodesbut Marc Spector’s adventures with his hieroglyph costume may not be about to end.

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight – Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Season 2 has yet to be officially confirmed by Marvel or Disney+but Egyptian filmmaker Mohamed Diab and actor Oscar Isaac who plays Moon Knight himself are already having fun with the teaser. Mohamed Diab shared a video TikTok which seems to confirm season 2 of Moon Knight.

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Oscar Isaac and Mohamed Diab have fun teasing Moon Knight season 2 which has not yet been confirmed

On Twitter, Mohamed Diab shared the link of a TikTok video without giving further explanation or information. This video was posted by “@hayaattiaaa”, the Egyptian filmmaker’s daughter. She asks Mohamed Diab and Oscar Isaac himself: “ the question everyone is asking: is there a season 2? »

We first see Mohamed Diab, then Oscar Isaac who replies: why would we be in Cairo otherwise? “. We can actually see in the background that the three seem to be on a boat in the middle of a riverprobably the Nile.

The video that has already been seen more than 1.3 million times obviously raises the hype with the fans. It’s not yet an official confirmation of season 2, but it leaves little doubt about future episodes. The first 6 episodes took place in London and Egypt. Without further spoilers, the series ended with the arrival of a new character which would therefore have the opportunity to develop in a season 2. In any case, Marvel and Disney+ studios have not given any additional information on this possible season 2 of Moon KnightAt least for the moment.

Source : CNET

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