Morales danced with a flirtatious Parraguez an exciting cueca

Colo Colo is pure joy in these national holidays after beating Everton 2-0 and asserting themselves at the top of the tournament, spending September 18 in peace after some somewhat uneasy seasons at this time.

The albos celebrated with all these festivities in the Monumental Stadium, with the campus workers and the professional staff coming together to celebrate in advance with a 100% colocolina restaurant in our house.

Two who took the occasion seriously were Iván Morales and Javier Parraguez, who left him on the dance floor to dance an exciting cueca. The curious? They did it by forming a flirtatious pair with the Buffalo wearing a cute blonde wig.

Watch the dance between Morales and Parraguez:

Video: Instagram Arenga del Abuelo

The Cacique will only have free this Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 September, returning with everything to training on Monday 20 to prepare in the best way for the Superclásico against the University of Chile in Rancagua, a match scheduled for next Sunday 26 at 4:30 p.m. .



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