Morales has 55% of his goals in 2021

Colo Colo had the best and most forceful of the performances in the return of his fans to the Monumental Stadium after 525 days, beating Unión Española 4-0 and taking a very important step to the final of the Chile Cup.

One who had a more than outstanding match was Iván Morales, who enrolled with a double against Hispanics, given one more sample of the tremendous season that is living under the orders of Gustavo Quinteros.

Coach Albo placed his trust in the forward trained in Colo Colo and he responded by giving him the best year of his career, with numbers never seen since his debut in the first team of Popular in that already distant 2016 at the hands of Pablo Guede.

With his two goals against the Hispanics he canterano reached 15 annotations in this season 2021, far exceeding the 12 goals he had in the popular before the start of this football year.

The data is devastating, since it translates into Morales scored 55% of his goals in El Cacique only in this 2021 season, making it clear that he is living the best moment of his young, but extensive career.

Iván Morales registered with a double against Unión Española. | Photo: Guillermo Salazar.

Until now, Morales’ best year at Colo Colo was 2017, where he barely scored four goals. It is followed by 2018, where he scored only three and 2019 with 2016, where he enrolled with two goals. Undoubtedly, numbers very far from what we are seeing now.

In total Iván Morales has scored 27 goals with the alba shirt, being distributed in 20 moves and seven since the penalty kick, a responsibility that he has taken in this 2021 season having 100% effectiveness from the 12 steps. To continue along this tank path.

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