More careful prices: they want them to continue for a long time

feletti rushes the extension of the price / web freeze

The Secretary of Domestic Trade, Roberto Feletti, met with wholesale companies to advance in the implementation of + Precious Care in retail stores and consolidate a “wide and diverse basket” for consumers.

As this newspaper exclusively anticipated, the official thinks of a freeze beyond January 7, with a basket of about 1,000 products and wants to expand controls on drugs, gasoline and tariffs, according to sources from the governing coalition.

“We have the will to reach an agreement, a consensual basket, based on an offer of products that includes a diverse offer and with accessible prices,” said sources from the Secretariat after the meeting.

Present at the meeting were Feletti, and the Undersecretary of Policies for the Internal Market, Antonio Mezmezian.

For the private sector, representatives of the companies Micropack, Parodi SRL, Yaguar, Vital, Nini, Maxiconsumo, Diarco and Makro participated.

From the official agency they said that they will be “very strict with the fulfillment of the + Care Prices program, whose validity extends until January 7, 2022” given that “the objective is to take care of the income and the effort of the families, especially considering that the first holidays are approaching that we will be able to share with our loved ones after the pandemic ”, according to Iprofesional.

“Argentine men and women need predictability and certainty, responding to that need is also an objective of this government policy,” they remarked.

They also confirmed that the idea is now “to start discussing the next phase of the program in a consensual manner among all the actors, to consolidate a wide and diverse basket.”

“We know that the marketing chain is long and diverse; for this reason, we will implement all the necessary instances to listen to all the actors and thus be able to reach a consensus during the first days of January ”, added the sources.

In this sense, they indicated that “we are working to generate a scheme that allows monitoring compliance with the program to achieve greater transparency and accuracy of the information, the basis of the agreement and the consensus that we want to achieve.”

Feletti remarked that “we have to decouple domestic prices from international ones.” In addition, he added: “Comparing 2015 with 2021 today, withholdings have less weight compared to products.”

“If we want to ensure meat, chicken, bread and milk, we have to decouple domestic prices from international ones”

“The diagnosis is that the rise in international prices is here to stay at least until next year, when this effect will worsen,” said Feletti. In this framework, the price of corn, wheat and meat will increase and we have to prevent them from impacting the table of Argentines.


Thus, the Secretary of Internal Commerce did not rule out the possibility of implementing a rise in withholdings on the export of meat and other foods. “If we want to ensure meat, chicken, bread and milk, we have to decouple domestic prices from international ones,” said the official.

When asked about what mechanisms are evaluated to “unlink” prices, the official replied: “Two: the most traditional of increasing export duties and an alternative of creating cross-subsidy trusts, as happens in the mixed oil market. ”.

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