More changes in the cabinet of Peru: Pedro Castillo appointed six new ministers

the president of PeruPedro Castillo, swore in six new ministers with the aim of forming a “broad-based cabinet that works for the country.” This is the fifth cabinet that has accompanied him since he began his mandate a little over a year ago.

However, only half of these positions are new faces, since in Culture, Labor and Transport ministers who were already holders of other ministries of Peru. Thus, the portfolios of Housing, Foreign Affairs and Economy of the Andean country will be headed by people from outside the Government.

The six new ministers of Peru: the head of Economy takes the floor.

However, they are not alien to public administration, at least in the case of the Ministry of Economy. Kurt Burneo, economist and university professor, was already Minister of Finance during the presidency of Ollanta Humala (2011-2016). In his first words to the press of PeruBurneo stated that his priority was to “restore confidence in economic agents” in order to revive the economy and boost job demand.

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