More deaths in the Region: a man is murdered in a Berisso pension

Last night there was police custody in front of the crime scene / EL DIA

The month of June continues with its tragic maelstrom. Yesterday, in the city of Berisso, a man was killed with a stab wound to the chest, so the number of fatalities due to situations of violence (adding crimes, accidents, fires and a gas leak) in the Region totals 11 in just 15 days.

The terrible episode took place in the afternoon on Calle 8 between 165 and 166, where a heated argument took place between two men.

Apparently, the aggressor would be the current partner of the victim’s ex-wife, who was identified as Rolando Damián Chávez, 38 years old.

Although the man managed to be transferred to the Mario Larrain hospital, the doctors who attended him could not do anything to save his life. His picture was irreversible.

Apparently, the knife was very deep and affected a vital organ, which ended up triggering his death.

The terrible situation, according to the account of a key witness, took place in a pension, where Chávez rented a room.

In that place, always according to the owner of the property, his ex-wife would have appeared, who was accompanied by another man, who would be his current partner.

There, due to circumstances that are trying to be determined, a strong exchange of words began, which ended with a hand-to-hand confrontation.

The situation did not stop in time and Chavez received a lethal blow.

Personnel from the Berisso first police station immediately went to the scene, while communicating the news to the prosecutor María Eugenia Di Lorenzo.

By protocol, the Homicide Cabinet of the DDI La Plata was also intervened, which was now in charge of the search for the aggressor, who fled, although he would already be identified.

With this murder, there are 19 those that have occurred in the Region so far in 2022, six of which occurred between June 6 and 21.

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