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It is annoying when, especially now in summer, you never have enough space for drinks bottles in the fridge so that they can be nice and cool. And when you finally have space for the bottles, they sometimes lie in such a way that they roll around annoyingly in the refrigerator when you need something else out of it. But there actually is various tips and tricks with which you finally have a manageable order and more space in the refrigerator receives. We have put together these tips and tricks for you. You can also find more exciting tips on everything to do with the refrigerator on the website Ordnungsliebe – Organize your Life.

Order is half the battle – this also applies to the refrigerator

First of all does it make sense that Completely empty the refrigerator and tidy it up once to clean up. If you measure the dimensions of the refrigerator, you can optimally matching storage containers that ensure perfect order in the refrigerator. Such order containers can, for example Magnet boxes for the refrigerator door be. Caution: However, only food should be stored here that can tolerate the temperature differences caused by the frequent opening and closing of the door. The practical refrigerator drawer from HapiLeap makes it easier for you to organize your refrigerator – you can find it on Amazon.*

Food stored in the refrigerator should in principle Refrigerated products be, or products for which you have the Packaging already opened have. That top compartment is the warmest compartment in the refrigerator at an average of eight to ten degrees Celsius. That is why it is perfect for storing food that has a longer shelf life. This can be cheese, leftovers from cooked food or drinks, for example. That Compartment underneath usually around five degrees Celsius. It is ideal for storing dairy products such as yogurt, cooking fat, milk, cream or quark. Reading recommendation: In our article we will tell you how to put your fridge in the right place.

Im lower compartment is it coolest. It is therefore particularly suitable for storing fish, meat, sausage, winter vegetables and fruit. One tip: Not every fruit has to be in the refrigerator. Citrus fruits and berries ultimately lose their aroma there. in the Vegetable drawer, That a plate is protected from too cold, falling temperatures, there are around 9 degrees. So ideal for salads and vegetables. The same applies here: Not all vegetables have to be in the refrigerator – peppers, cucumbers, potatoes or aubergines can stay outside. tip: You can find more practical organizing aids for the refrigerator on Amazon.*

Order in the refrigerator: old before new saves money

In the Refrigerator door mainly drinks, sauces or eggs have their place. You can cope relatively well with the temperature fluctuations caused by opening and closing the refrigerator door. In addition, the eggs are out of the reach of odorous foods such as cheese. Eggs can take on the smell of other foods relatively quickly. at you will find further valuable tips on the subject of refrigerators.

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One “Refrigerator oaks” to avoid, it makes sense for several of the same products New behind the old to lay. So you automatically take the product with the shortest Best before date and does not cause obsolete products that ultimately have to be thrown away and cause unnecessary costs.

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