More policemen in Gamarra

My friend, the photographer Gary, came to the restaurant for a turkey in oyster sauce with its grained rice, sarsa criolla, ground rocotito and, to drink, a pitcher of frozen lemonade to cool down. “María, the Gamarra emporium has just launched his Christmas campaign, where he hopes to recover from the losses due to the Covid-19 epidemic that kept the sector paralyzed for two years. Small businessmen had bet everything on Peru’s qualification for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, but it could not.

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As we know, the textile sector is vital to the national economy. Gamarra is not only clothing stores, but also clothing workshops, suppliers, exports, and inputs that employ millions of people. The gamarrinos only ask the government for two things: protection or safeguards against products imported from China, which enter at low prices, and security against the Venezuelan mafias that even lotize the streets and are a problem for formal stores. We Peruvians know that Gamarra’s clothing is good, because it uses better and more durable materials. That does not happen with the imported ones, which go bad very quickly.

On top of that, businessmen denounce that there is ‘dumping’, that is, the practice of selling below the normal price or at prices below cost in order to eliminate competition and take over the market. The gamarrinos heroically resist this onslaught and in recent years have improved their designs and clothing. That is the plus they needed to be able to export.

Peruvians lack nothing. We are creative and there is an example of national gastronomy, which little by little has become international, thanks to the work of Peruvians such as Bernardo Roca Rey and Gastón Acurio. The Government should listen to them, especially now with the issue of security. The mafias are not only taking over the streets, but they are also dabbling in extortion in the area. This has to be stopped at once. The Police must attack with everything and the Judiciary put the gangsters in jail.

  • The Police, supported by the Armyyou should patrol and guard the entire area to prevent informals from taking over the streets and turning them into hell around the Christmas and New Year holidays.
  • Customers should be taken care of tooso that they are not robbed by criminals disguised as buyers.
  • Improve transportation to the area. An orderly transport with previously indicated whereabouts makes traffic flow and avoids crowds.
  • More sales with the use of cards or mobile applications, this makes it easier and less dangerous, because it avoids carrying money.
  • Gamarra should not only be a place of salebut an experience. There is a lack of recreational places. Good advice from Gary. I’m leaving, take care.


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