More than 100 municipalities without drinking water in France

“More than a hundred municipalities in France today no longer have drinking water”indicated the Minister of Ecological Transition, Christophe Béchu, this Friday, August 5, who described the situation as“historical”during a visit to the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.

Water shortage: in Seillans, every drop counts

In these municipalities, said the minister, “there are supplies that are made with drinking water trucks that we transport (…) since there is nothing left in the pipes”. “The whole challenge is to tighten a certain number of restrictions to avoid getting there”. “Elisabeth Borne’s words are very clear: a historic drought”hammered the minister.

We know it will be the driest summer. We are in a crisis situation that we have never known with 62 departments with crisis orders. You’ll have to get used to episodes like this added the minister.

A “historic” situation

On Friday morning, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne activated the interministerial crisis unit, which is to meet during the day, in the face of the “historical situation that many territories are going through”announced Matignon.

Christophe Béchu pleaded, in the territories which know “prolonged water deficits”at ” to anticipate “ : “If you have to go and provide water, you shouldn’t worry about it in the morning when there is no more water in the pipes”.

Desalination, pumping of lakes, tank trucks… how municipalities are adapting to the shortage of drinking water

“The difficulty in terms of logistics and delivery is not the same” according to the municipalities, underlined the Minister, depending on whether it is a mountain municipality, a large or a small agglomeration.

After the Roumoules lavender farm, Christian Béchu must go, accompanied by the Minister of Agriculture Marc Fesneaux, to the Colostre stream, where he will discuss the issues of drought and biodiversity.

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