More than 100,000 fans are waiting for a ticket for Chile vs Brazil

The return of the public to the matches of the Chilean team has generated a high demand in the ticket presale process. This is due to the fact that more than 100,000 people registered for the raffle, to be held this afternoon, which will determine who will be able to access the purchase of tickets for next Thursday’s match between Chile and Brazil to be played at the Monumental stadium.

Due to sanitary measures, the capacity allowed for this match will be 10,800 spectators, in the meeting that will mark the ninth date of the South American Qualifiers towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup, it should be remembered that a match has not been played with La Roja fans since 2019 ..

According to Redgol, the registration of fans to access the purchase of tickets has been gigantic. Through the electronic registration form, 51,400 reservations were made, which allows each registered person to access two tickets.

This situation generates that, more than one hundred thousand fans maintain the hope of being one of the raffles during this day, around two thousand fans will be able to access the purchase of tickets and will witness the historic moment of the return of the red tide to the courts .

According to the estimates that they handle from Quilín, to the 3,800 tickets available initially will be added those that are released by the subscription system and those that at the time bought for the match against Colombia, which ended up being played behind closed doors.

Chile vs Brazil | Photo: Agency One

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