More than 15 thousand people will be compensated for the armed conflict in Chocó

Within the framework of protocol councils carried out by national entities to recognize communities victims of the conflictthe Chocó communities of Cuevita and Pilizá were recognized as collective subjects of reparation.

According to the Victims Unit with this the people of Bajo Baudó will be able to access the measures and actions to which they are entitled to compensate for the damage caused by the armed conflict.

It is a long-awaited achievement by the communities because with this signature we are saying that they are going to repair us for everything we have suffered due to the armed conflict”, to Harold Valencia Murillo, representative of the community council of Pilizá.

In addition, this gave way to the beginning of four days of meetings with representatives of the Chocó community councils of Cuevita, Pilizá, Pavasa and Virudówith the purpose of making Prevention, Protection and Care plans for Victims of Black, Afro-Colombian, Raizales and Palenqueros Communities and Peoples, Victims of Displacement and Forced Confinement.

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